Proper Literature Review Structure Arrangement

October 8th, 2011

Essentials of dissertation literature review writing

Literature review is the important section of your dissertation with help of which you are able to establish credibility of the entire research project. In general, this section has a format of critical analysis performed on all available data concerning the chosen topic. This part of dissertation consists of the overview of published information concerning the chosen topic. The key point of literature review is to establish a relationship between different written works about the research issue.

The main purpose of your dissertation literature review is to show your audience as well as your tutor that you have read and inquired into the main published works dedicated to the chosen topic or question of the particular field of study.

You should take into consideration that the literature review should not be a description of the published works. It should be a critical discussion that is able to demonstrate your insight into different theories and approaches to the research issue. Thus you will have a possibility to show that your research is important and relevant.

How to create literature review structure for dissertation?

In general, literature review structure for dissertation depends on the thesis statement of your paper or the particular field of study. The composition of your literature review structure can depend on topic area, controversial issues or research questions.

There are two common patterns of literature review structuring:

  • Chronological pattern. Here it is necessary to group and discuss the selected sources in order of their publication. In this case you will have a possibility to lay emphasis on the changes in researches in the field of study.
  • Thematic pattern. In thematic review you should group and discuss your sources according to the topics they cover.

When writing this section of PhD dissertation you should use transitions to smooth the overpass between paragraphs and phrases. For example, in order to group together authors with similar opinions you have to use such transitions as also, again, in addition, similarly etc. Conversely, in order to group authors with opposite positions you should use such linkers as however, nevertheless, yet, for all that, on the other hand etc.

Literature review is an essential section of all dissertations. When arranging this part of the dissertation you should remember that literature review gives you a possibility to demonstrate your skills in:

  • Data collection
  • Data analyses

You should bring into notice that it is essential to organize your review around the thesis statement of your dissertation.

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