How to write a dissertation synopsis

August 24th, 2011

Do you know how to write a dissertation synopsis?

When you think of the word synopsis, there are a few different words that should come to mind. The words are, but are not limited to: summary, review, and preview. Each of these words means the same thing as synopsis. It is synonymous with the term.

Other synonyms:

1. overview

2. review

3. explanation

4. plan

A synopsis is a brief summary or plan of what you are going to be accomplishing. The synopsis gives the reader an idea of what was read, or written or what will be read or written. Most books have a synopsis. Without a synopsis, the reader will have little to no idea of the information in front of them.

How to write a dissertation synopsisAll dissertation writing require some kind of synopsis. Knowing how to write a dissertation synopsis can help you in your dissertations. Even PHD dissertations require a synopsis. This is one of the ways you learn how to organize yourself.

But do you know how to write a disseration synopsis? It can be easy for those of you that have plenty of practice with writing in general. But for those who spend little time writing, it could be troublesome and also burdensome.

Do you remember back in gradeschool when your teacher asked you to write a summary of the book you read? This is basically what a synopsis is. Except for dissertations, it includes a lot more thought and planning. A synopsis is an overview of your project. If you were to show your synopsis, you are basically giving your advisor a brief proposal. Knowing how to write a dissertation synopsis is very important in Grad School.

Every dissertation has a dissertatin synopsis in it and without it, the dissertation process is not complete. There are a few components however to a dissertation synopsis. If you follow these componenets, you will know how to write a dissertaiton synopsis.

What you must have in a synopsis:

1. Dissertation purpose: Here you will mention briefly your purpose for your dissertation. You do not want to go into much detail about this. This part should be real brief and yet very concise.

2. Population and sample: Who is this researched aimed at? What is the population and then give a quick example or sample of your research/case study.

3. The methodology: What route did you take when you did the research. This is where you mention briefly the data, design, instruments, analysis and reporting techniques.

4. Results and Findings: What did you realize or find out when doing the research. This is where you will quickly mention what your outcome was.

5. Conclusion: What was the final result? How did you feel about the experiment you presented.

Because this is a synopsis, you should not exceed a page in length. If you exceed a page in length, you could lose your reader.  This assignment will require you to have good summarizing skills. Without these skills, your synopsis may turn into something other than a summary.

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