Decide Your Stance For Global Warming Thesis

September 14th, 2009

A thesis with a subject, having an abundance of information with the latest development, which the entire world is keeping an eye on, would be a special experience for a student. What else can it be other than the global warming thesis. The human resources at is equipped with all kinds of resources, be it library or the internet. Internet is only useful when you can find information from relevant websites; sometimes you cannot reach the best site even if you are a champion of searching through the search engines. On the other hand, if there is a list showing specific sites you do not have to search and can easily locate it by clicking on the link. Our thesis/dissertation writers possess such lists.

• First check your position—whether or not having a special opinion about this current worrisome issue of global warming which is immensely campaigned and supported by the scientists and the governments world over.

• The global warming threats to the mankind are more universal and enduring compared to the terrorism or the latest pandemic of swine flu. If you are confused, like most of us, then, you will have to first study global warming thesis materials expressing experts’ views, and only then to follow their opinions.

• You will select a stance either pro or against the global warming campaign—either supporting those who advocate a strong need “to save our planet” or reacting with a cool response like “nothing serious”. Without fluctuating thoughts, your sticking to your thesis ideas is the most important. Your thesis statement examples can be something as shown below.

PRO STANCE (persuasive)

“After having undergone years’ of research for checking the existence of global warming, the experts now seem to unanimously support the theory that this disastrous threat carries significant risk to the future of the planet.”


“The human-created CO2 emissions have to be curtailed by minimum 80% by 2020 because the global warming is showing its effects with increased frequency and intensity with regard to the occurrences of tropical storms.”

AGAINST STANCE (argumentative global warming thesis)

“With the truth that years have passed with the scientists researching on it and the media spreading worldwide panic, nothing have evidently been established that the global warming poses a serious threat to mankind.”


“Logically to find means for adapting ourselves to a warmer climate is the more affordable and more certain ways to tackle the global warming in comparison to the efforts for its preventions.”

• To investigate into the technical solutions like geoengineering and iron fertilization would be beneficial. Moreover, when your thesis is all about the causes and effects and effects of global warming, there is no need to talk about the preventive measures. And, if your attention has been transferred to the prevention, you will have to modify your original statement.

• Just like the history thesis, you can also concentrate only on the history. The climate change has its roots in the history with names such as Roman Warming (Roman empire), Mediaeval Warming, The Little Ice Age (1300), Modern Warming, and Little Cooling (1940-1975).

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