War Thesis Connecting Past, Present, And Future

October 2nd, 2009

Unquestionably, the war is something which is always negative, but it is also true that people have to engage in a war just as a self-defense mechanism. The issue of the war is contemporary to every ages right since the ancient time, and the war thesis can tie together the past, present, and the future in one thread. Apparently, such a wide-spread subject will not be easy-to-manage task as a self-driven endeavor. At your service, DissertationService.co.uk shows all willingness to help you out by sharing a portion of your burdensomeness. We are the faithful and helpful people who fulfill all promises by best thesis writing services.

• Primarily, the term war means a resorting to the use of arms by two or more non-congruous entities in wake of a conflict and for the fulfillment of envisaged results of reorganized and subjectively-designed geopolitical gain. But, the term as a metaphor is also applied to non-military conflict, such as cold war and class war.

• Your thesis will have to deal with human-made physical boundaries plus mental boundaries of cultures and languages, human-invented weapons (guns, bombs, missiles, etc.), and the human negative emotions like agonies, cries, injuries, shock of deaths, etc.

• For you war thesis, you have to look into some solid issues, put forward a meaningful argument, or present a good inquiry into your chosen topic. Apart from two major wars—World War I and World War II—you will have many wars, fought and being fought between particular countries.

• From the World War I (1914-1918), you have the Europe and Middle East with new country foundations and formation of the League of Nations. From the World War II (1939-1945), you have the emergence of superpower status of United Nations and Soviet Union, the creation of NATO, and the bombardment on Japan.

• But, while choosing such thesis topics, you have to be sure that you choose something which is not too broad and can be accomplished within your reach and time limit.

• Rather, you can opt for topics based on increased destructiveness and accurate military technology making symmetrical war hard, the war thesis with the present scenario of world politics being highly conducive for prevention of major war, how globalization connects to the war issues, etc.

• Alternatively, you will have the cold war (1955-1990) issues from the recent past—USSR’s preemptive nuclear strike almost launched against America.

• But, more wisely, nothing can be more suitable and pertinent than the topics related to the threats of nuclear wars in a world living on the edge of nuclear weapons, as well as, the need and significance of nuclear disarmament. If you want to present the war with a future perspective, these two topics will serve best for your thesis/dissertation project, you can better contribute to the area of concerned knowledge.

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