Relation Between Thesis Statement And Research Question

October 31st, 2009

One of confusing matters in regard to academic assignment such as thesis, dissertation and coursework is the lack of true understanding about research question, hypothesis, and thesis statement. They are similar in nature but essentially not the same things. Obviously, the formulation process is difficult, requiring your grasp on your knowledge in respective field and writing skills for formation with correct meanings. We find that sometimes few general problems impair your writing more than many topic-related specific problems. We encourage you to glance at the frequently-asked-questions page by clicking on the FAQ for all your general queries regarding our system. The following is the explanation how the statement differs from the research question.

• The research question is one of the methodological initiatives for the investigation, and is pure form of question with question mark. How accurately, qualitatively, and quantitatively you define it will decide the future of your research, i.e., the conceptual framework. This is the next buzz with revelation of your intentions and objectives after the thesis topic. You will seek answers to this question(s) in your paper.

• The thesis statement is your stance, position, or argument signifying the direction of your investigation. It can be expressed in only one sentence as well as more than one page, depending on your requirements. Your writing manners will decide how narrow or broad your research will be.

• The relation between research question and statement is the same as that between a question and its answer. If you have research question (or questions), the statement will be nothing but the answer to it. Extensively, your paper is nothing but your endeavor to seek answers to this question. But, to answer it at the beginning with assumptions and then to summarize the answers will be the statement. You will try to prove this statement in your paper.

• Both of them need to be specific, and hence, it is advisable that you start from too broad topic and then to come down to a logical narrow topic with specific thesis statement.

• For example, if you choose “global warming” as the wide topic, you can figure it out to a narrowed size like :

“the global warming threats to the mankind.”

Then, this narrowed direction can be specified further by the research question, such as :

“what can science do to prevent dangers of global warming for wellbeing of the mankind ?”

Now, in context to your objectives, this research question will be answered and formulated into a statement like :

“this investigation is a demonstration about the scientific measures which can be more helpful in facing bad consequences caused by global warming, rather than preventing them.”

• You attentively need to formulate a researchable, affordable, and valuable question. For the statement, it is never meant to remain firm with its original form and mostly exhibits the flexibility. It will change in accordance with the new interpretations as the old ones become irrelevant.

• Thus, the correct thesis statement will be that which you compose as a finishing touch to your paper. Give your favor to if you want thesis samples, we will provide you with them instantly.