Similarity And Difference Between Thesis Statement And Hypothesis

November 1st, 2009

Good understanding about various similar elements of thesis or dissertation is necessary for writing with clarity of thoughts and expressions. Though as a substance, there is no difference between thesis statement and hypothesis, the fact is also that there is only the similarity between them. invites your suggestions on this or any other debatable subject where you feel it is necessary to make clarification; you can easily post your comments on any article. Your comment may help to develop our good understanding as well as that of the students reading it. Our endeavor is to be supportive to the students—professionally and friendly. The difference between these two pieces of writing is rather observable than explainable.

• Both, the statement and hypothesis are the answers to the research question or its transformation into a statement. The difference lies at how it is stated and what it implies. When it seems either provable or disprovable, then it becomes the hypothesis. It is a mere expression of concept you believe in. For example, “the Disney movies encompass the subliminal messages.”

• The thesis statement is more established or affirmative expression when compared to the hypothesis. And, it clearly shows the intentions and objectives of the author or researcher. It declares in manners of believing in something which you are going to prove. It is more evidential than the hypothesis and will involve the experiment as a proof.

• The statement is an elaborative and discussion-prone expression of the hypothesis. For example, the above hypothesis can be expressed in statement like this : “this is an investigation on Disney movies with demonstrations that they encompass subliminal messages targeting the audience of kids, and as such, there are certain effects on their minds such as aggressive behaviors.”

• During the course of the project, the hypothesis will be disproved if not proven. But, the statement will change itself whenever it seems disprovable; this is the special characteristic of any statement. It is always open to changes or modifications.

• Thus, the thesis statement clears your position, where you stand, and supports your argument or viewpoints. Whereas, the hypothesis is a general expression of what you think or believe with regard to your thesis topic; it is just an opinion, not the stance.

• When the hypothesis is meant to be rejected or disproved, it becomes null hypothesis. For example, “the Disney movies do not encompass the subliminal messages.”

• However, the whole discussion seems debatable and experts’ opinion may vary. We guarantee that if we find a meaningful response, it will be published on this post. The strength of your research is subject to how powerful your statement or hypothesis is because this is the real motivation or guiding force.

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