Thesis Research Tips

December 10th, 2011

The Resourceful Treasure For Thesis Research

For any research, the searching process needs to be scientific one and not just readings of books or any print media. Moreover, this process should begin since the time when you engage yourself in choosing an appropriate thesis topic. In essence, what you will necessitate for your thesis research are the wide range of sources and an organized mindset, capable of producing efficient results. A research thesis help supplied by always proves to be accurate and superior.

• You have to be accustomed to making notes, writing points, marking the text, keeping track, and being updated. All these will lessen the hardship involved. The scholarly journals are considered to be the number one sources among all others including popular public magazine, newspapers, trade publications, and Internet.

• Before you go deep into any source, a foremost priority must be given to knowing whether or not the source is a credible, authentic, and valuable. Doing so will ensure better collection of data and good savings of your time and efforts as well.

Newspaper Articles And Internet

• The newspaper articles and Internet sources can also be the powerful sources—provided that you could find relevant materials and vital links. Newspaper articles are the pivotal sources for new thesis research.

Academic Or Scholarly Journals

• The academic or scholarly journals comprise of just the research or similar stuffs published by the university or research academy. They are written in length enough for the in-depth analysis belonging to the specific field research done by scholars, experts, or professors in associations with the research institutes or academic organizations.

• Their writing reflects a formal approach, only suitable to the knowledgeable readers like researchers, professors, and the aspirants—all well verse with the subjective jargon, terminology, background, and current trends.

• But similar to the thesis format, these writing too will contain chapters of literature review, methodology etc. Plus, not only are they published but also priory assessed by the editorial staff similar to the thesis committee.

Public Magazines

• In total contrast to the journal articles, the magazines released weekly or monthly are the commercial ventures catering mostly to entertainment needs of the generalized people, with all allures. Lacking the thesis research analysis, their articles present only a general or complete overview of the concerned topic.

• Inconsistent with the scholastic language, here, the language remains general with informal style and is written by either professional journalists or the writers, both employed and freelance. At the same time, the contents of these magazines reveal people’s opinions more than factual information.

Trade Publications

• With clear differentiations with both types of the above-mentioned sources, the trade publications are the industry-oriented releases issued periodically or monthly. The contents illustrate specific viewpoints, either expressing something or even clearly advocating it, for e.g. assertive and legislative statements of industry experts.

• Their writing exhibits both general language and industry jargon with informal style — despite the fact that the intended readership is the industry people and the new aspirants.

• Like the scholarly journals, these articles also provide the graphs, charts  and/or diagrams but with or without bibliography.

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