The Ingredients Of Thesis Proposal

October 12th, 2009

As a process of receiving official permission to conduct a thesis from the academic institute, the thesis proposal is an inevitable document which also plays a significant role as a foundation of the thesis. The students have to pay a high attention to proposal writing with sufficient reconsiderations and rewritings in view of preparing a better proposal; the better proposal you have, the better thesis you will have. For this reason, they tend to seek assistance while writing the proposal. At we receive many orders for writing or editing of proposals.

• This proposal is a written report to be submitted to the registrar’s office; but the seminar, committee, and individual persons like the supervisor are also the likely recipients of the proposals. These limited people comprise the audience which the students need to keep in mind while writing. Pre-submission discussions with your supervisor with as many drafts as may be necessary are always expected.

• The chief aim is to convince the following matters to your institution through your thesis proposal.

1. Need of research
2. Originality with contribution
3. Feasibility (sufficient funding, data, equipment, etc.)
4. Achievability (within timeframe)
5. Ethical clearance
6. Matching (interest and abilities)

• The following are the important common components.

Topic statement
Introduce your topic and relate it to recognized area of knowledge, along with the significance and contribution that your work relates to.

The specific objectives of your research.

Review of the literature
Despite being in a primary stage, the literature review in proposal may play a leading role when compared to its secondary or background role in the actual thesis. It will develop into its full size during the thesis writing. Current literature or the literature with recent updates will work the best. Identify the types of this review—namely theoretical, experimental, philosophical, methodological, comparative, etc. The appropriate context, demonstration of your awareness of all relevance, and good judgments should be reflected from within the review for good thesis proposal.

Gap of knowledge
With the most and least successful, promising, and missing research, review the main lines of criticism with identifying avoidance, omission, ignorance, or negligence in order to indicate a gap of knowledge requiring further study.

Theoretical Orientation
The theories that led you to your topic, and a special theory you are going to apply as the conceptual framework of your thesis.

Sufficiently, put forward and discuss the information, sources of information, resources, means and devices, and chosen approach for your research. Also, clarify about the underlying ethical issues and safety concerns with your ideas about the proceedings.

Program schedule
Starting from the date you commence till you complete, write down a schedule with all intermediate tasks such as literature research, training, experiment stages, chapter durations, etc.

By suggested citation style, list all publications used in proposal.

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