Thesis Format—Make It Perfect

August 13th, 2009

The thesis project is a multifaceted program where thesis writing does not mean only a process of writing on papers with a pen. Apart from its content writing, a whole set of guidelines needs to be followed for how to write thesis in terms of a “special look” when viewed or read by the readers. This special look is known as thesis format which is released to the students by their different academic institutes with different specifications. is students’ friend, especially of those whom their real friends cannot help or deny any cooperation. Since a long time, we have been assisting the students during their academic endeavors of thesis or dissertation writing with true cooperation. The students’ success is our success and therefore we aim at making them successful by filling the gap where they tumble.

• If you have completed the writing with pen, you should understand that you have reached just halfway; a second half with all typing, formatting, and printing is yet to be finished. It is meaningless if you do this as you wish—no you should not. Instead, you will have to refer and adhere to the guidelines compiled by your own university or institution.

• First, read and understand what the requirements are; for full understanding of the thesis format read them as many times as you need. The whole issue will become vital for the higher level project such as doctoral thesis or PhD dissertation; there will be too many details, not leaving anything existing on the papers.

• The university may insist for using a special printer such as laser quality printer, special software such as LaTex, and special papers such as 100% cotton rag or 20 lb. And, there will be the special explanation regarding how to operate the devices. The guidelines as an example will include as much details as shown below.

COPIES (mostly two copies)
PRINTING (printer, publishing software, processor, package, etc.)
ITALICS AND BOLD (whether you can use or not)
FONTS (type and size such as Times New Roman 12 point)
SPACING (normally double space with exception of single space for footnotes, bibliography, long quotations, table captions, etc.)
MARGINS (left, right, top, and bottom)
TITLE PAGE (thesis format will show the student an exact sample form with upper case, lowercase, and type & size of letters)
ABSTRACT (special requirement due to being the publishable part of the thesis)
THESIS ASSEMBLING ( copyright page if used, title page, abstract, acknowledgements, dedication, table of contents, list of tables if needed, preface if needed, thesis chapters, notes, appendices, bibliography, etc.)
PAGE NUMBERING (top or bottom, and left, right, or middle)
FOOTNOTES (as directed)
MULTIVOLUME (if bulky or thick, make two or more volumes)
EXTRA COPIES (as needed)

Since the formatting is a subordinate task, there is no limit to taking help from other people. While managing on your own, you are most likely to miss one or the other thing. Generally, behind the format errors, there lies the lack of comprehension in regard to the guidelines. You are most welcome to for any thesis format help or any other thesis help.