Obvious Mistakes While Writing Thesis Abstract

August 12th, 2009

You have to learn the art of summarizing for writing the most appealing thesis abstract which you can match with a book review or film review. But, a mere summarization is not sufficient; it as to be a meaningful writing with good presentation comprising of the objectives, methods, results, conclusion, and of course thesis statement. DissertationService.co.uk engages itself in finding academic solutions for the students who are treated more like family members than sheer customers. Unlike elsewhere, you will find here a friendly atmosphere which is essential for a good solution of your problems. When a good buyer-seller relation is needed while buying a simple commodity, this is a matter of academic papers. On the other hand, contradictorily, your entire identity will remain undisclosed to anybody, nor even your writer. Both you and your writer will be interacting with each other with hidden identities in terms of nicknames or a code numbers.

• Though it seems to be easy writing, the writing of the thesis abstract is not absolutely so; and the reason is that the students commit lots of errors while writing. First of all you need to realize that despite not being the segmental part of the thesis, this is the most exposed material to the prospective readers; it enjoys the largest readership.

• It serves to people’s tendency to know the whole matter in a shortest possible text. Just like in case of popular books for which more than half of the public, who talk about them, only happen to have read the summaries and nothing more than that ! Your thesis would also be considered as read only after having read the abstract. The reason for such tendency could be a reasoning—who has time to read the entire thing.

Where they commit mistakes :

1. Again, being very similar to a storytelling of a movie, most of the students fail to write a good thesis abstract only because they write like a storytelling. Whatever you write has to be “meaningful” with full expressions of your thesis ideas.

2. Due to this storytelling method they fail to meet the minimum requirement of word count. There is no meaning in writing “long” abstract; it has to be short in any situation. Rather, the abstract format with prescribed word limit is the first condition.

3. The students sometimes forget about the inclusion of thesis statement; this is an imperative element of the abstract. Not only do they forget it but also their writing does not match with their statements. The abstract must be constructed upon a base of this statement.

4. They make it tough with wrong and opposite understanding. They willingly use complex terminology and specific jargon, making it obscure. But, in real the abstract demands for a simple, readable, and interesting piece of thesis writing.

For a good thesis abstract, in addition to having summarizing skills, you will also need honing of your writing skills; because there is an obvious difference between an impressive abstract and a boring one. And, this is why the students widely use thesis writing services for their thesis or dissertation abstracts. If you are thinking of receiving such service, we will appreciate your inquiry at DissertationService.co.uk.