Appropriateness In Research Paper And Thesis Writing

November 8th, 2009

For building a strong academic career, students have to accomplish the given tasks of assignment, thesis, coursework, dissertation, research paper, etc. with utmost clarity and accuracy. The common thing among them is “the writing” which is the medium through which your status as a student will be evaluated. Research paper writing and thesis writing are two popular forms that every student enrolling for higher studies wants to know more about. The researchers and thesis writers of have written numerous such papers on account of massive experience involving a whole decade. Apart from the job experience, they also possess a specialized knowledge in their respective field, as manifested by their high degrees, at least MA or superior degrees.

• Often, in context to the research paper and thesis, the students take one for the other. No doubt, there are similarities, but there are also the differences. In essence, the research paper is constructed upon only theoretical evaluation in comparison to the thesis which is a research-based evaluation of a system, requiring testing with experiments.

• So, two different writing tones in regard to two different treatments will emerge despite the fact that both are the same structural writings involving introduction, methods, hypothesis, discussions, explanations, bibliography, abstract, etc. In comparison, the thesis writing is more complex undertaking than the research paper writing which is also a demanding task.

• Good guidance, time management, and unbroken deadline follow-ups are the factors that play vital roles in writing great papers. Availability and accessibility of sources are useless unless and until you know how to extract required information or data out of them.

• Good advices in this regard will include reasonable size of your topic (neither broader nor narrower), perfect timetable, meaningful reading strategies, great thesis statement, writing alongside research, structure-based writing, and attentive revisions. You should learn the art of improvisation in favor of your troubling situation; do not blindly stick to all thoughts that you initially conceived. Know your circumstances and do compromise accordingly.

• The revision is something that the students often underestimate; this is the factor that can rescue your papers from big mishaps and open new door of success. After finishing your research paper or thesis writing, detach yourself from all activities and take rest. Now, resume your tasks with revision. Do not mix up between revision and editing; they both are different things.

• Following are the questions that can help you revise your papers.

Is the central theme (objective, argument, etc.) consistent all through the paper ?
Have you written appropriately for your specific readers ?
Have you provided all needful contexts in support to your viewpoints ?
Does the introduction clearly reflects your ideas, background, and significance in addition to interesting outlook and impressive presentation ?
Have you provided evidence and analysis in sufficient amount ?
Is good flow of information from previous to next section maintained ?
Are major points presented in logical manner and correct body structure ?
Have you applied correct tone ?

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