Improved Care With Nursing Thesis

September 29th, 2009

Whenever we use the word “care”, the example of a nurse taking care of the patient conjures up. The field of nursing is directly associated with the field of medical; and nurses carry the high importance just after the doctors in the hospital. Nursing thesis will focus many thesis ideas such as the patient-nurse relations, how to improve the nursing, the patients’ dissatisfaction, the problem faced by the nurses, etc. In one sense, also does the same job as that of the nurses; the only difference is that while the nurses take care of the patient, we take care of the students’ academic assignments. We can bring back your lost smiles by administering all types of academic injections and medicine and performing the necessary operations on your papers.

• The nursing is a profession of healthcare with an objective of caring the people, families, and communities to enable them attain, recover, or sustain the optimal health, anytime during the lifespan.

• There are as many specialty of nursing as almost all the facilities of medical science—such as a gastroenterology nursing, cardiac nursing, critical care nursing, neonatal nursing, surgical nursing, urology nursing, wound care nursing, nurse anesthetist, etc. The nursing thesis may concentrate on one of them.

• There are also different positions and credentials attached with the nursing. The positions are military nurse, nurse educator, nurse manager, nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, nurse specialist, private duty nurse, staff nurse, and legal nurse consultant. The credentials are certified nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, registered nurse clinician, and public health nurse.

• As for the thesis you can follow various nursing aspects, as shown below, depending upon what the patient or person needs.

Mental Health : Psychiatric and mental health nursing
Disabilities : Learning disability nursing
Children : Pediatric nursing
Old people : Geriatric nursing
Care at home : Home health nursing, District nursing, and Health visiting
Dying people : Palliative care or Hospice nursing

The Ethical Issues Associated With The Palliative Care

• This issue can be one of good thesis topics. Your nursing thesis can investigate into the palliative care which is the last option provided to the patient when all hopes of his/her life are vanished after the diagnosis of deadly disease. When doctor foretells the death with the predictable time, s/he informs to the relatives, and instead of the same continual treatment, the patient is transferred to the palliative care.

• Here, the main goal is to reduce the pain, both physical and mental (emotional) as much as possible during the last days of the life. All efforts are done to please the patient such as religious prayer.

• But, the question is whether this is a clear invitation to the death or not; the term “assisted suicide” is also inserted. The fundamental role of the medical science is to save the lives of the patients. Some painkilling drugs such as morphine administered during the Hospice care are those that cause the death.

Of course, your nursing thesis will require a special care; otherwise, you will invite the failure. Do never hesitate to come to a clinic called for the diagnosis and treatment o f your papers; we possess all remedies (thesis writing services).