Positive And Negative Aspects Of Methodology Thesis Chapter

October 1st, 2009

The whole story of what you did while the course of thesis/dissertation project to prove your argument or to investigate your research question is your methodology thesis chapter. This is a commentary on the real actions other than those related to finding of information sources and their reading or studying. DissertationService.co.uk is a unique one among all its counterparts, only because we release one or the other type of useful articles (blogposts) daily on a regular basis. We know that the number of students reading these is much larger than those who actually place an order for the thesis help. This also means that we serve the students on a much larger scale when compared with the services of our competitors.

• The chief aim of the methodology (or methods) is to make and introduce your explicit assumptions—with proper justification and defense in view of enabling the reader to assess your conclusions.

• The methodology chapter is the narration and discussion of the episode in which you take actions for application of your methodology. Depending upon various types of theses, the methodology thesis chapter can be either a whole chapter of its own or can be integrated into the thesis body.

Common Characteristics of Good Methodology Chapter

• The rationale for choosing a particular approach
• The definitions of groups, contexts, terms, texts, and/or organizations focused in the chapter
• The explanation regarding why the above-mentioned objects were selected
• The data analysis with full explanation
• The reference literature in regard to the research design
• The reference literature in regard to the data analysis
• The reference to appendices
• The underlying ethical issues

The data analysis should provide good link between the data and the central research question(s) or investigative issue(s). Plus, it should be able to create an atmosphere in which the answers emerge or any theory or insight forms.

The methodology chapter is a key substance of thesis writing, especially in a case where the empirical study is a must. There are some common misapprehensions that invite poor scores in your methodology thesis chapter.

Common Misapprehensions

• The mere general information about your methodology will weaken your chapter. You have to provide the particular information in context to your research.
• You should avoid unnecessary and inappropriate use of jargon; otherwise, your chapter will be labeled as obscure.
• Furthermore, the only description of research theory with clear absence of the links to the study design is also one of the common mistakes while writing the chapter.
• Obviously, the presence of irrelevant material having nothing to do with the central idea of your thesis will also be considered a mistake.

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