Tips To Improve Your Literature Thesis Statement

May 18th, 2009

If you are a student of literature, then, while your dissertation, thesis, or research paper, you will have to write a literature thesis statement with good composition. The thesis statement is a like the seeds, made of few words, which grows into a tall tree in terms of your paper or project. The correct interpretation, a better presentation, and true justification of what you intend to prove must inhabit inside this statement. At the same time, it should provide the real essence acquired through squeezing of your topic; remember the process of taking drops from a lemon. There are many other articles about thesis statement by Below are few tips in this regard.

• Your statement should present a focal point of your paper. This can be done with constricting your broader discussion into 1 to 3 sentences that reflect your reasoning or argumentation in accordance with your topic. For instance, “Machiavelli’s book The Price is a dangerous book because there is no moral values in it”—is a not a good statement and a broader one as well. Instead, “The Price exhibits Machiavellian virtue which is obscure and cannot be accepted by human masses”—is good literature thesis statement with to-the-point presentation.

• It should contain sufficient word counts, depending upon the overall length of your paper. This means 15-word thesis statement is not enough for a paper with 5 to 6 pages. You can easily put together 50 words within a statement, even with one sentence.

• The thesis statement must generate an argument or analysis, enough for creating an atmosphere of discussion on its own ground; the paper will move in that direction and support the statement.

• It is advisable that you present this statement the earliest in your paper, say, while the introduction. This will help to make clear your position, providing a meaning to the reader.

• Beware of any flaw, even a minor one, because it is this point at which you will try to prove your validity.

• Remember that a cool statement in terms of having no scope of debate is not a good literature thesis statement. It must comprise a debatable perspective. Thus, “Being one of the most popular plays of all time, Othello is also Shakespeare’s one of the greatest tragedies” cannot be a good statement due to a lack of debatable substance.

• You should apply your logical thinking to rule out any foolish writing.

It is not enough that you take your pen and write down few words for your statement. Writing without good composition is meaningless. This is why it is not as easy as it initially seems to be. You have to apply your writing skills with efforts until you arrive at a good piece of writing. For any of your difficulties, you should not be afraid of getting dissertation help such as online dissertation writing services. can be your first and last preference if you could spare few minutes to visit our site. Our champion writers will compose an excellent literature thesis statement for you.