How To Write a Research Proposal

February 17th, 2009

Research proposal is a brief summary of your research paper in other words it is a brief outline of the research you are going to conduct and research paper you are going to formulate.

An ill formulated proposal would mean rejection of your dissertation project but even somehow it is accepted then also it won’t be given that credibility it deserves. A high quality good proposal would not only ensure success for your project but would also leave lasting impression on the Thesis Committee.

Many of the proposals are also prepared by the societies, government and non government organizations for seeking sanctions and can become a medium to receive grants.

A good research proposal must contain all the points and different aspects you are going to cover in your research paper. It must reflect your aim and objectives of the research, your plan of action and the way you can accomplish your goals.  It contains the methodology you are going to use in the research project and how much relevant it is to your research work. It must contain the information enough to make your points clear and shows your credibility, the depth of the knowledge of your proposed subject as well as the extent of your devotion and dedication for the same. It should convince your readers about how much important your research idea has academically and the change your h idea could bring on the area of the research you are undertaking.

The beginning of your suggested proposal should be made by the title which should be short as well as able to explain the idea behind your proposal. After the title you should write abstract whereby you need to give short summary of 300 words which includes question for research, rationale behind the study, the hypothesis, and also the findings. Hereby you can make use of the designs, or any instruments as applicable. Then comes Introduction part whereby it is very necessary to give the background and the context of the project and the subsequently problem regarding the same.

Framing of the research problem is itself not easy as it involves deep thought process and your conviction for the research proposal. Then you also need to develop the literature review which you can incorporate in introduction or form next section.In Literature review you incorporate view points of various other writers, critics or researches on your said paper to sustain and validate your research idea. The next point in the proposal is the methodology you are going to use to conduct the research and the way you use it to get desired results and the final step notwithstanding are the results whereby you can incorporate the kind of data and statistical methods you would be using to get the answer to the research question. The Last step is the incorporation of discussion to create an impact of the proposed project on the reader.

The importance of the research proposal is only understood when it truly becomes a medium to make your project a successful venture.