General Format For How To Write PhD Thesis

May 30th, 2009

PhD thesis is the boss of all other theses and proves to be the most difficult endeavor. How to write PhD thesis is a common issue that every student pursuing it wants to know as much as possible. can guarantee an excellent writing or editing for PhD papers. Below is a general format that can fit into every type of PhD thesis belonging to various fields.

• Copyright page
It denotes the rights of publication. Its form may vary from one institution to another.

• Declaration
With different wording, the aim of declaration of all theses is to declare that the submitted work is a sole production of the candidate with full originality—not including the acknowledged text.

• Title page
The naming of the thesis with title, candidate’s name, degree and faculty, university name, date, etc.

• Abstract
Many of us make a fusion between abstract and introduction. Abstract is the most highly read and published text of the thesis, but essentially different from the introduction. This is why you need to know how to write PhD thesis correctly. The abstract is written at last but may require a considerable time. This is a brief note on your entire thesis.

• Acknowledgements
This is a thanksgiving page, showing acknowledgements for those people who have helped significantly in any ways during your endeavor.

• Table of contents and index page
The information with page numbers regarding main categories and subcategories to ease quick forward and reverse reading. Introduction will start with page 1. All earlier matters will be under numbering of roman numerals.

• Introduction
This is where the reader will be introduced to your thesis and will start a journey of knowing your ideas. You have to write for general readers rather than the particular readers—but with no supposing them to be the beginners. It must be interesting and impressive so that you can arose and maintain the interest of your readers. It will contain the thesis statement being the centre point. How to write PhD thesis is easy with a good sample.

• Literature review
The unavoidable link from where your thesis ideas have come. The already-available information about your topic, the most significant reference or a summary of information you have gathered, or the favorable environment for your present thesis.

• Middle text
Your exclusive space to open your heart and talk in your own words. The content here may vary from one thesis to another, but mainly will include the materials needed for your methods, the methodology chapter, the theory providing the bases, and the results with discussion. You will have to present all necessary graphs, analysis, diagrams, figures, maps, etc.

• Conclusions
Where you have arrived after the results, what the further scope of investigation is, how it contributes to the study of the future aspirants and the present state of knowledge, etc. should be provided with no further question to be answered.

• References and appendices
A collection of all referred and supplementary materials.

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