Five Recommendations For How To Write MA Thesis

May 3rd, 2009

Masters dissertations are the significant projects, capable of opening new horizons in your life. MA thesis is one of such projects, and therefore, you must be serious about how to write MA thesis. You cannot be inexperienced at this level because you must have written at least few theses before; and there is no apparent difference between the earlier theses and MA thesis—as far as the structure or format is concerned. What may differ are the high quality writing, high quality research, high quality treatment, and high quality finding as attached to the MA thesis. can show you the excellent examples.

The best recommended time to start working on this project is the summer period just following the first year of your MA program. For this you will need to find a good advisor by the end of this year. Your topic is the base upon which the entire thesis project will get constructed. Therefore, you have to build this base concretely—applying rational, logical, and wise thinking. You should take your time for looking into all possible ideas and then do your selection. You should always keep on consulting faculty members and going through the previous MA theses written by the past students for needful guidance. Below are five useful recommendations for how to write MA thesis.

• Recommendation : 1
Be always in touch with your advisor. Make sure that there is no communication gap between you and your advisor. Know about exactly which sort of research proposal your advisor expects—whether short or long, formal or informal such as only focusing the discussion, etc.

• Recommendation : 2
Keep drafting whatever you think to be useful during your research. Do not wait for the finish of your research before you start writing. You can easily begin your writing task along with your research yet to be finished. Most advisably, do every-day revising with every-day writing.

• Recommendation : 3
At the time when both you and your advisor feel that the thesis is ready for submission, the external examiner can be the most helpful person. Depending upon the criterion of your particular university, the thesis office will prefer one external examiner for reading your thesis. Contacting the external examiner directly by you for how to write MA thesis is inadvisable.

• Recommendation : 4
See the difference between the reports from your advisor and the external examiner. If both approve your thesis, do a last-time checking for any improvement and go ahead for the final submission at the concerned department and the thesis office. If there is any discrepancy out of the apparent contrasting reports from both these people, do all necessary revision, withdrawing, and resubmitting of your thesis. You can also challenge the decision on the ground of suspicious bias, error, or misinterpretation by the examiner for responding negatively.

• Recommendation : 5
Meet the deadline religiously. Submitting your MA thesis on time is imperative, the deadline cannot be altered.

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