Nothing Serious About Honours Thesis

September 13th, 2009

To encourage the students to practice independent research fostering valuable skills, to provide the means for demonstrating abilities of research and interpretations of findings, and to develop field expertise are the general purposes of the honours thesis. wishes all the students an education growth with the fulfillment of these purposes. Our everlasting purpose is to assist you, the students, in such a way that nothing like obstacles or hindrance exists in the path of your academic progress. Actually, our job is very much like that of a doctor who gives medicines to the patients to eliminate their sickness. We provide academic services to the students to eliminate their failures. For the best possible papers, you are advised to not go anywhere else and insist for only our editing services, thesis/dissertation writing services, and the thesis sample.

• As a matter of general understanding, the writings carried out by the students with fulfilling of requirements of undergraduate coursework are known as the papers, term papers, or essays.

• A long paper accomplished as a fulfillment of honours degree is known as major paper, undergraduate thesis, or honours thesis.

• The same thing of major paper when prepared as the final project leading to a masters degree is known as the thesis.

• When it is presented by the student pursuing PhD or doctoral studies with a significant research for the conferring of doctoral degree it is known as the dissertation.

• However, both the terms, thesis and dissertation, are interchangeably used, one for the other, for all theses and dissertations. Basically, there is no significant difference—the textual contents remain the same. The thesis leading to honours degree can include an empirical research project and can also be theoretical in nature.

• The empirical project will require an assessable hypothesis along with scientific procedure for its evaluation. The theoretical thesis requires existing evidence to be integrated and evaluated to acquire new interpretations. The difference between these two is as obvious as the difference between a journal article and a review article. Honours thesis necessitates a correct treatment.

• The journal article is a report of empirical investigation with results, discussions, and significance. The review article is all about new theoretical approach or revised package with all testing.

• The thesis leading to honours degree will require thesis topic to be chosen mutually by the students and thesis advisor. Considering this, a similarity of interests between both of them will be a plus point; and the student is actually encouraged to select an advisor with matching qualities. The thesis proposal has to be developed with the consent and suggestions of the advisor. Without receiving positive nod from the advisor, there is no meaning in going deep into the details.

• Undeniably, a proper thesis structure needs to be implemented. A general arrangement is thesis abstract, thesis introduction, literature review, materials and methods, theory, results, discussion, conclusions and suggestions, references, and appendices.

• The ethical considerations for your honours thesis have to be appropriately addressed when the human and even animal participation is involved in the experiments. Come to for any unsolved issues.