Economics Thesis Writing

January 3rd, 2012

Initial Advices For Economics Thesis

Often, students lack sufficient information regarding the whole process of thesis/dissertation project. And, this is the most disadvantageous aspect of their performance. There is no doubt that economics is one of the toughest subjects and the economics thesis will be one of the few demanding theses. We believe, religiously, in student welfare through devoting ourselves to their academic prosperity. As a result, is serious about not only providing the academic services but also about continually improving the state of functionality. And, the regular publication of information is our unique feature, existing nowhere else in the market on the net.

  • What To Do First Of All

• If you are confused about the upcoming economics dissertation/thesis, you should go to a university library that keeps copies of economics theses, previously written by the seniors or past students. It would be better if you can avail of a list of titles, especially from recent years; maybe, the website of university or academic institution offers this facility.

• Select three, four, or five titles which you feel to be interesting; spare your time and go through these selected theses. Besides conceptual understandings of the economics thesis such as topic types, starting, results, conclusions, and level of originality, you will also generate understanding about successful thesis, regression analysis, empirical study, historical or literary thesis, laboratory practical, mathematical theories, etc.

  • Go To Seminars

• Regardless of which title (micro, industrial, finance, etc.) the seminar is organized on, you should attend the economics seminars enthusiastically. The most advantageous will be the get-together of the fellow colleagues and the scholars. In fact, it becomes more interesting when varied minds meet under one roof.

  • Finalizing A Topic

• This may become much difficult because you need to arrive at a junction — where the research question(s) interests both you and the economists, should have not been already answered, and should be reachable within the stipulated timeframe. Once you find out this junction, the rest of the story may become a smooth journey.

• Without the temptation of choosing something easiest, have trials for five to ten thesis topics to cast your vote for one of them — such as California electricity deregulation, money vs. barter, psychological effects on financial markets, classic policy issue, or Latin American Dollarization.

• For coming to final option out of two or three most preferable ones, you should read economics literature, newspapers, journals, etc. to know the people’s attitudes, ongoing puzzles, and recent reports.

• Now, you can make up your mind for your kind of topic through brainstorming and proceed further to initiate serious research.

  • Have A Good Advisor

• Talking to and communicating with the faculty members should start simultaneously with the aforementioned activities — be it personal meeting, calls, or emails. Discuss your interests, feasible thesis topics, their interests, works already done, and their recommendations to you.

• If possible, view their CVs. Meanwhile, you must know the person being most interested in your chosen topic. This person will be your official advisor if s/he agrees.

Your economics thesis, then after, will prepare for the thesis proposal, procedure, and thesis writing. For any troubling episodes, will take care of your papers and give a new fascinating look.