How It Becomes Descriptive Thesis

August 19th, 2009

Depending upon various approaches of how you deal with the subject matter, there are different types of thesis—one of which is descriptive thesis. The human resources at are very much attached to anything that may relate to the students and their academic hurdles while pursuing their theses. We have already established ourselves as a leading name in an area of dissertation writing services over the net, presently. As there has been a clear upturn in our business since the launching, we are also looking forward to a bigger expansion in a near future. A true respect to the needs of the students is the key behind our success; we do not disregard or devaluate any matter for which they approach us.

• Simply speaking, this thesis with descriptive nature approaches the subject matter with “how things are” and not with “how things ought to be.” It makes a general claim on how things are, but distinguishes itself from the normative claim regarding how things should be; normative claim is a characteristic of prescriptive thesis.

• The difference between descriptive thesis and prescriptive thesis is easily understood by two types of doctor’s papers. When the doctor writes general description of the diagnosis with signs and symptoms—it becomes descriptive paper. And, when s/he writes the prescription of what the patient should do for recovery, along with medicines, rest, and exercise—it becomes prescriptive paper.

• Another difference is that in descriptive papers, you can agree with the things even when you do not fully understand them; but you cannot agree with them in the prescriptive papers without complete understanding. Thus, in total contrast to the prescriptive papers, the descriptive papers will not deal with values, ethics, morality, virtues, etc.

• The thesis statement for descriptive papers will be stated in the form of “is” and “are” with absence of “should”, “must”, and “ought to.” It will present such evidence which can be observed and agreed by everybody with or without sufficient study. For descriptive thesis, it will also put forward a logic that can be assessed and accepted by anyone with or without sufficient study. What is apparent is that there will not be a confrontation between “good” and “bad.” For example, Shakespearean dram Helmet succeeds in creating an atmosphere to convince the audience that “Denmark is a prison.”

• Thus, the thesis writing will deal with explanation, analysis, measurement, and interpretation. You have to develop all sections starting from thesis introduction via methodology to the conclusion in a same writing style.

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