Development of Argumentative thesis

August 23rd, 2009

There are different types of theses depending upon your treatments of the subject matters; same subjects can be treated differently by different outlooks. Argumentative thesis is one type where, as indicated by the name itself, the matters are treated by first presenting an argument and then proving it. At, every kind of assistance is viable, provided that it relates to academic assignments of the students. Because our writers and editors are our real job-centric human resources, we are indebted to them for helping us achieve a great height. A small team of writers by the time we took initiative has now grown into a big team, fully capable of handling any academic requirement and meeting any new challenges. Catering to the multiple academic needs cannot be accomplished by a small group of caterers. And, therefore, unlike other similar companies, we possess a large group of writers holding multiple qualifications, respective to their multiple fields.

• You first have to decide the object, say, terrorist attack or terrorism, and then a good thesis topic for your argumentative thesis, such as—a need for better role of US diplomacy in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attack.

• Now, to give this an argumentative look, you can do one of the two things. Either you generate an argumentative thesis statement directly. Or, you should first arrange the matter in an examination style, asking to draw an argument, such as—present an argument with evidence to support the claim that US fight against terrorism should be imperatively reinforced further. The next step will be to compose a good statement in a form of argument. It would be something like—despite that US has fortunately not witnessed another terrorist attack since 9/11, the US fight against terrorism should be reinforced with new focuses for the fulfillment of more diplomatic goals of establishing domestic and international peace.

• Once you arrive at this stage, the rest of the process will become clear and easy, because then, your argumentative thesis will have many thesis ideas for developing your arguments. Following is a good suggestion if you still face difficulties. Identify the parts as main argument and defensive reasons from the statement. Here, the main argument is—the US fight against terrorism should be reinforced. And, the defensive reasons are the diplomatic goals of establishing peace. The remaining of the statement is the concession statement.

• Now, you can easily draw a good thesis outline. It will start with thesis introduction comprising points of necessary topic background and presentation of issue with clarifications. The section for concession statement—say, no incidence of terrorist attack—will include the counterargument and needful discussions. The main argument will be discussed at length with all important points. The defensive reasons will contain all reasons, say, two reasons namely—the diplomatic goals and establishment of peace. They will be presented with needful discussions. The conclusion of your argumentative thesis will include points such as general summary of main points and concluding statement. With the help of the outline, your thesis writing will be an easy endeavor. However, wherever and whenever you come across any episode of complicatedness, you can simply contact for an assured and valuable thesis help.