Do Propose For Air Pollution Thesis Proposal

April 15th, 2009

Obviously, research proposal refers to your proposed project for research. It means that you desire to undergo a research project which, you think, will add some more information or something new to your preferred topic. What you have to manifest in your proposal is that you will be researching, discovering, inventing, and/or proving something special about your chosen topic. This may involve a research about more details, discovery of new facts, new inventions, arguments proving something, answers justifying your raised questions, etc. You can also refer to the research proposal articles of Then, what is air pollution thesis proposal ?

• Simply, this is the same thing but with a subject of “air pollution”—the causes and effects of air pollution as well as aims of environmental protection and energy diversity. This proposal belongs to the students from natural science. There is that feasibility of research studies on this subject, and you can also avail of huge reference materials. When it comes to your undergraduate dissertation, the air pollution thesis can be even more interesting, entertaining, and educational as well. This is why it is a favorite topic among the students.

• The next question that emerges is—what topics can come under air pollution thesis proposal ? Let’s start considering from “global warming”, “carbon monoxide affecting our health”, “acid rain environmental phenomenon”, “dangers of industrial air wastes”, “utilization of air energy”, “tobacco smoking”, to many more.

• For instance, the topic of industrial air wastes affecting human health is a genuine one. This issue is a worldwide concern, posing threats to our health. This creates some obvious health risks to the people, especially living in the areas surrounded by the industries mainly located at the riverside. You may easily choose the air pollution thesis proposal focusing on this industrial air wastes with vast availability of resources. These gases may invite many diseases such as respiratory ailments of bronchitis and emphysema.

• Of course, while selecting your topic or proposing, you need to pay attention to your methodology—whether or not you will be able to meet the requirement. For the justification purpose, you have to find out the correct methods rather than depending on guesses. For the correct data you should depend upon three types of data colleting systems.

(A) Human-supported system like questionnaire, interview, survey, etc.
(B) Practical system involving laboratory, field work, etc.
(C) System based on published material such as analysis of library source, web source, book, magazine, newspaper, etc.

What is essential before you prepare your air pollution thesis proposal is that all of your methods should be fully matched to your topic. A sufficient sampling is advisable before you go for your actual data gathering and/or data analysis. As far as the present example of industry gases is concerned, you will not be facing difficulties because many good methods will be available to you. However, in case if you need any dissertation help, is always eager to help you out. Similarly, your thesis statement should be taking place inside your mind simultaneously while writing a proposal. Remember your statement has to be powerful, meaningful, and wonderful.