Good Tips for Research Proposal Writing

April 25th, 2009

While research proposal writing, one thing must be clear in your mind that this is a proposal paper and not the actual research paper. The research proposal paper comprises of an idea for which you desire to pursue a research. A good reseach proposal is that which exhibits clearly that you have arrived at this decision only after all needful thinking about the project—spending enough time as well as efforts for information gathering, required reading, and emphatically the analytical question that you are likely to deal with. Remember that an appealing research question functions as roots of your research proposal. Through these roots the tree of your final paper will prosper. can be immensely helpful in this regard to the students who feel confused and need a dissertation help.

The term “analytical” is referred here as something which is not in a descriptive form. Obviously, your research proposal writing is expected not to be descriptive only. It means that the analytical question will deal not only with what the question is, but also equally with why it is and how it is. A good proposal should answer three types of questions analytically. For instance, a descriptive question is “what is global warming?” Now the analytical questions can be “why should we know about global warming?” and “how does the science interpret it?” Remember, a sheer mention of the question is not enough.

Following are few tips for research proposal writing.

• Statement indication
The question you are going to seek an answer for with necessary explanation.

• Short note on literature review
This brief note on literature review is for the purpose of supplying information about what has already been written on your issue—along with the evidence, methods, results, and conclusion. You do this just because it will reward a kind of reliability to your research proposal writing. Doing this is necessary because your reader may or may be aware about it.

• Discussion about your argument
This will include how different your argument will be from that done by other authors. You should discuss the originality issue with explanation about one point or theory which you are going to use and its usefulness.

• An outline
A showing of the segments of your paper in brief, as well as, a brief bibliography of the major references including websites, survey, database, etc.

Again, you should remember that this is a research proposal only and it cannot be so lengthy. What matters here is the overall quality of your research proposal writing with meaningful thoughts and writing skills. This paper asks for “writing with detail” in terms of points, rather than “detailed writing.” The early beginning will cultivate some extra benefits for you; so try not to be late. Do not try to be better late than never. Finally, the insufficient efforts are likely to be wasted due to the rejection; it is better to add some more efforts—leaving no scope for any likelihood of rejection or redoing. As always, is a ray of hope for you.