Follow an Introduction With Good Research Proposal Example

April 12th, 2009

Three major parts of research proposal paper are introduction, literature review, and methodology. Research proposal writing is an imperative task, particularly when you are pursuing your Master’s or doctoral projects. A skillful treatment of each of them is needed for the final success. Let’s discuss the very first segment with a help of a research proposal example.

• Bearing in your mind that the first impression is the last impression, you need to present your introduction as clearer as possible—leaving no ambiguities. This is the entrance of your paper through which your reader will travel a journey of reading. If your introduction is attractive, your reader will delve into your words till the last full stop is reached. As you will find in any good example, the introduction discusses the meaningfulness of the study with presentation of problem or issue as well as the argument advocating the need of study for researcher’s chosen object. The statement of the issue gives a clear-cut insight into the intentions of the researcher. Thus the introduction presents a background and statement in context to the pertinent issue.

• One research proposal example with a proposed study on identifying panic attack in seemingly normal people starts off with presentation of this medical concern—how important it is to identify this anxiety disorder. The introduction further discusses what the panic attack is all about and the role of stress management in effectively coping up with panic attack. It clarifies about the researcher’s intentions of preventing the serious consequences requiring psychotherapies as treatment, which the more episodes of panic attack may lead to. The significance of the study is discussed with a needfulness of the research on account of the lack of awareness as well as the spread of this disorder among the people, especially the adolescent. It also provides the answers to the questions—why it is necessary to tackle with this issue, how it can be helpful to the medical science for further understanding and treatment, and how it can ultimately contribute to the wellbeing of the people and the country as well.

• Just like above research proposal example, any good proposal should include four basic components in its introduction.

(A) Meaningful presentation of the study
(B) Background of the study
(C) Statement of the main issue of the study
(D) Importance of the study

There is no doubt that following this guideline will help you write an impressive and perfect introduction. One thing is guaranteed that with good introduction, your paper will not be turned down at least at the beginning itself. For sample, you can refer to one or more good examples. You can find them from many resources including your professor, library, and the Internet. You can easily avail of any research proposal service on the Internet; what you need is to find out the best one. is one of the finest in the market with this profession, awaiting a call to help you with many various services including an excellent research proposal example.