PhD Proposal Example Guidelines

May 17th, 2009

How to Use a PhD Proposal Example?

Your PhD proposal is like the first step of your PhD dissertation or thesis. The aim of research proposal is to present a research idea you have. The significance of this section is tremendous because it has a great influence on your future academic career. This part of academic paper serves as means of convincing the audience that your research is in-depth and that you will be able to develop it. The task is very demanding so you should make a point of doing it. Therefore you have a possibility to review good PhD proposal examples as a resource guide. Following well-written PhD research proposal examples you would manage to write an outstanding PhD proposal.

Basic items of PhD proposals

In order to find the sample that would meet the requirements of your assignment, you should get acquainted to the basic items of research proposal.

  1. Every research proposal has background section, objective, outline, methodology and summary section. You have a possibility to state the aim of your work, describe the sections of your PhD research paper and outline methods that you are going to use during the research process.
  2. This section should be very convincing. It is essential to make sure that research proposal contains the most valid reasons for researching the subject.
  3. In short, your proposal explains what, how, why and when are you going to study.

How to find an appropriate PhD proposal example?

Take notice of the fact that satisfactory PhD proposal example should outline several essential points of the proposal. Among them there are:

  1. The scientific importance of the research.
  2. Discussion of the research process and presumptive results of it.
  3. Pay your attention to the fact that well-written PhD proposal example should satisfy such demands:

  1. Thesis statement should be established perfectly.
  2. Each section of research proposal should be stated clearly.
  3. Phd proposal example should also contain logical validation of the research.
  4. The literary review of suitable samples includes proper citation of the most relevant and reliable sources.
  5. Reference page lists should be cited in the literature review.
  6. Fit sample should not contain vague information. It should focus on the key factors with solid data.
  7. Any proposal sample should present in-depth and novelty of the research work.
  8. The sample should be structured according to the chosen format.
  9. You can find workable ideas concerning the choice of particular research methodology in well-written PhD proposal examples.

PhD proposal writing assistance

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