MSc Dissertation Proposal Sample Document

June 15th, 2009

The university may provide the MSc students with preset MSc dissertation proposal sample document—describing the exact structure or format with various chapters and explanation—to be firmly followed by them while writing the proposal. cares for all the students who wish to be helped through its assistance. Below is the shortest and simplest presentation of this sample document with a bit of demonstration.

• The first part will belong to all your personal information starting from you name, address, email address, and all other vital information. This is more like “fill-in-blank” format.

• The second part will go to the guidelines with little demonstration of the content as shown below.

A. Objectives : Provide your objectives or goals precisely with explanation of your topic, plus the key points of your proposed investigation. If this is a company project, please mention that.

Demo: This research aims at understanding… or to have an improvement for… or help the progress of… or knowing the critical issues…

B. Questions : The MSc dissertation proposal sample document will recommend three or four meaningful questions which your dissertation will seek the answers for.

Demo: Why is it necessary… How does it help… What will the result interpret… with an assured question mark (?)

C. Literature review with references : The narration of the most pertinent sources and its authors in regard to your topic—showing further scope plus gaps in the study. The maximum allocation of words for this section is 1000 words. The reference list has to include minimum 15 published academic articles and the referencing method is APA.

Demo: Here the author tends to suggest… S/he also agrees that there is the necessity of… which is very evident from… showing significant gap in understanding…

D. Methodology : Outlines of your methods with all information such as either qualitative or quantitative study; either questionnaire, interview, survey, or any other system use; either statistical or mathematical analysis methodology if applicable; etc. Your research methodology must correlate with your questions as shown in MSc dissertation proposal sample papers; because these questions will be answered through your methodology. You have to show at least two academic references in support to your choice for your approach with its best suitability for answering your research questions.

E. Overview : Precisely narrate the major activities and strategic issues in context to the firm which your research relates to. If being your individual research, it must show the significance of the subject area of your research.

F. Discussion plus analysis : The anticipated techniques going to be used for the analysis of the collected data, capable of getting answers to the research questions. Just main points along with likely technical difficulties.

G. Management : How you will arrange the frequent visits to your academic supervisor for progress review and updates.

H. Planning : The timetable suggesting completions of different stages of the project.

• All these details will be followed by the confirmatory information to be furnished and duly signed with the date. is eager to show you the real MSc dissertation proposal sample. For this or any other dissertation help please contact our online customer support executive, or call us on our number, or put your query in the submit-comment section, or simply contact with your email.