Tips on How to Develop Research Proposal

May 9th, 2009

Whether or not you will be allowed to carry out a project depends upon your research proposal. For a positive response, you must know the skills of how to develop research proposal effectively. Research proposal writing resembles with the actual research paper writing; though, the proposal will be written with a tone of future prospect and with more concise content. Below are some useful tips to improve your level of research proposal.

• Technical and Management aspects
Write your proposal keeping in mind two important aspects.

(A) Technical aspect : Try to provide all technical information such as the research you have already undergone, significance of your ideas, justification of the need of your project, and the way of executing your goals. This aspect will also cover a good structure of your paper.

(B) Management aspect : This is basically the planning of your project. Your planning strategies will include how you will manage to complete your project within a stipulated timeframe. A good schedule for on-time completion should be a part of your management program.

• Structure
For how to develop research proposal correctly, you need to adhere strictly to the proposal structure as prescribed by your advisor or as according to the requirement of your topic.

• Background information
This will definitely help to prove the “credibility” of your research. A nice presentation of meaningful gaps of knowledge plus a necessity of your current study will do an excellent job. An appealing literature review must be presented with a perfect relevance to your topic. Moreover, what you knew about the topic or your past experiences will be the plus points.

Thesis statement
The issue, question, problem, or argument should be expressed articulately and meaningfully within one to three sentences. This will be the shortest definition or narration of your research; it should manifest a complete relevance. It will usually appear at the ending part of your introduction. For instance—”The implications of swine flu spread in the country.”

• Objectives
While writing objectives you should concentrate on what your desired goal is, whom your objectives will concern, whether they are measurable or not along with the realistic approach. For the current example—”Finding out the truth with a correct information about the swine flu spread, and the cautions to be taken to stop this pandemic.” There can be one or multiple objectives.

• Rationale
Your research proposal rationale is important factor for how to develop research proposal, without which it will be vulnerable to the rejection. For this, writing hypothesis—maintaining balance between your objectives and what you provide—is necessary. It will be more than the justification for your research, appearing in the introduction. It will include the primary information indicating a high likelihood of your proposed results, and thus proving the significance of your study.

• Research methodology
This is a segment where you write how you will fulfill your objectives with needful details and references. Creating ambiguous atmosphere will lead to negative points. Identification of partners or team members should be included. All possible activity management and time management should be specified.

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