Four Steps for Developing Research Proposal

April 27th, 2009

Developing research proposal is never a difficult job. Your research proposal is the next process after you have finalized you topic with all needful thinking regarding different dissertation ideas. Now, what you need is to transform your chosen ideas into a research proposal. With this proposal, you are going to request permission for starting a research or study on that particular topic. Remember that this is a short paper made of not more than four pages in length. For the lengthy writing you will have your chance while writing your actual project papers. There are many more articles written on the same subject of research proposal on

Below are the four basic steps which are helpful for developing research proposal.

• Step 1 : The importance of your chosen research topic
Discussion on this will start your proposal—meaning the “introduction.” Think about any previous study or similar experience, or just anything that connects you to this topic previously. If you have any of them, it would be nice to mention here. Describe your previous experience in brief with its significance to your new research. If you do not have any prior experience, then, you should write about what interests you about that topic or what inspired you to pursue your project.

• Step 2 : Reference to already existing material
This process is known as “literature review” because here you directly relate some research or works—already done—to your project. Firstly, this will help you to show that you are involved into the process with finding out some information. Secondly, it will help your supervisor to know more about your topic. Thirdly, it will reward credibility to what you are developing research proposal for. If there is a considerable gap with a scope of further study, it will serve the best purpose with extra benefits—provided that you have narrated that properly. You may also indicate how that literature can be accessible.

• Step 3 : The way of research or study
This chapter is popularly known as “methodology.” This is your time to give information about how you will carry out your research. Remember that your selected research methods should be capable of answering your research question or questions. Whatever survey, interview, analysis, questionnaire, or database you are going to use, you should clearly mention in this section. Your methods may be judged through your literature review. You can use more than one method; rather, you are encouraged to mention about more methods.

• Step 4 : Your expectation from your research or study
Obviously, this will be the concluding part of your proposal. In conclusion, you will discuss the would-be findings or results of your chosen methods. What will emerge after the completion of your project will be a point of interest to your supervisor. S/he will also like to know about the contribution that your project will bring about to your field of study.

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