Methodology Writing

December 6th, 2011

How do you write methodology?

This is a direct question popped by one student to another, because while writing a thesis, dissertation, or research proposal, the methodology chapter creates the high degree of complicatedness. This chapter plays a vital role in a development of any large academic project. It is the base of your entire paper and with its poor quality, your project cannot stand tall and will likely collapse at last. The best solution to avoid this type of calamity is to know as much as possible about this segment.

• Widen up the limits of your thinking for first enabling yourself to understand and then to explain the aim of your methodology chapter. This is the true undertaking showing you the directions how to write methodology. You need to concentrate on the ways you applied for acquiring and analyzing the data. All these activities which are inside your mind should be translated into a written language — in a form of thorough informative explanation. For instance, if you carried out a study, start with asking yourself — how do you write methodology ?

• With this, your methodology chapter will automatically get started and you will be evaluating with explanation — what the study was about, who the study was for, what was measured, as well as, how you came up to go ahead with your anticipations or suppositions.

• A perfect explanation is important because it may engage the readers themselves in analyzing your research. To stay ahead in the competitions with other students, you need to present all possible information to your readers who will be utilizing them to reach a comprehensive conclusion. But, your committee is likely much interested in checking the analyzed material rather than going deep in your findings.

• As far as the content of your chapter is concerned, it should cover all aspects of your research. The reader will be interested to know about your targeted population with reason for why. You should discuss how you accomplish your research, how you chose the methods that you used; and how you arrived at your findings with necessary and specific illustrations. These are the real answers to the question — how do you write methodology ?

• Of note, to facilitate all these woes of explanations in this chapter, you must be alert, in advance, right since the beginning of writing process of your dissertation or research proposal. You should always opt for a suitable subject on which you can research something with a valid purpose.  Moreover, you will be out of confusion about what type of research you are going to handle with proper data gathering and good understanding about why you will be doing so. This will help you know what you need for proving your thesis, which is imperative. The availability and accessibility of sufficient information is necessary.

• Apart from the content and the explanations, the format of your paper is also a significant element. This is something without which your answer is incomplete to the initial question — how do you write methodology ? For good format, you can refer to the sample works which you can find from many different sources.