Make It Easy—Your Methodology Chapter Writing

April 28th, 2009

Out of all dissertation writing difficulties, the methodology chapter writing is the most difficult and lengthy process. You mostly require to answers two chief questions. First—how did you collect, discover, or generate the data ? Second—how did you analyze the data ? may be a dream come true to you in terms of dissertation help with an outstanding experience in the field of academic writing.

While answering, you need to know and concentrate on few important things.

• The reader needs to know exactly through which means you obtained your data. Take for example that you are investigating into the prevalence of arthritis among certain number of patients, including men and women. Your preferred method is going to affect your results. There is the biggest likelihood that you will obtain different results from different methods, say, a multiple choice questionnaire and an interview. This information will significantly help your reader to estimate the credibility of your results as well as your conclusion.

• There may be various other methods available to you. Why you have chosen one or some particular methods is a point of interest for your reader. Because unless this question is answered, the matter might keep on spinning inside reader’s mind. Your methodology chapter writing should clarify all possible reasons why you chose that particular method(s).

• Your reader is much concerned to the fact that whether or not your method is keeping pace with you study field. A questionnaire should be capable of finding out enough information according to the need of your study field. For instance, asking the patients about their feeling with “yes” or “no” answers may not be sufficient because it include only the objective type of questions and not the descriptive responses.

• Your research methods must fulfill the objectives of your study. If you do not include the elderly patients in your study on arthritis, your method cannot be called perfect, because arthritis is most prevalent among the elderly people.

• Your methodology chapter also expects a description of your steps for preventing the anticipated problems, as well as what you have done to curtail the effects of problems that could not be eradicated.

• Sometimes, the methodology chapter also expects that you provide sufficient information for other researchers. This is highly expected in case when you put into practice a novel method or adapt to an innovative approach.

• While methodology chapter writing, you must remember that you are not writing for the beginners. Not leaving anything on your reader is good, but this also does not mean that you start from A to Z. They who will read your papers are all the experts in their respective fields. Describing what a bone scan means in regard to the arthritis is foolish, because bone scan is a routine term they use in their daily life.

• Lastly, accepting your limitation with obstacles and failure is a virtue and can bring you more benefits than when you hide something. A story on how you manage a difficult situation can be the most interesting part of your methodology.

Remember, methodology chapter writing is your chance to open your heart, and can help you the most in the process.