Methodology Chapter

May 29th, 2012

Do Not Underestimate Your Methodology Chapter

The methodology chapter is as much important as any other components for most of the academic papers, say, theses and dissertations. It is the lacking or power of your methodology which can determine how much poor or strong, respectively, your paper turns out to be when perceived by your readers.

Generally speaking, there are four main elements to be remembered while understanding the technique of how to write methodology.

• The first one is the inclusion of a review in context to your subject matter, viewpoints, or arguments that you are trying to establish.
• In other words, you need to clarify about all questions that you are raising, together with any difficulty that may have been experienced by you while seeking answers to these questions.
• The second element of your chapter deals with a definition or overview regarding your intentional way of answering the questions of your MA dissertation.
• You need to concentrate on how you intend to carry out your research.
• The process should be disclosed to your readers, step by step with possibly as much detailed and accurate information as you can.
• Each and every aspect should be covered with a well-written explanation.
• Let your reader be with you while any proceeding at any step.

On the other hand, requiring more clarification in this regard—sounding like a total contradiction—what you still need is to leave something special for your readers to make out themselves.

• The point to consider is that the details are undoubtedly good for your thesis but not to the extent that the readers need not apply their minds.
• Keeping your readers with you is necessary, but not allowing them to conform you is also important.
• Say everything in your methodology chapters but in a precise manner maintaining a skilful balance between a secrecy and exposure.
• Your methodology should possess a good writing style just like while the dissertation writing itself.
• It should begin with an introduction, no matter how much shorter in length.
• The following passages should include full explanations regarding your methods with not reiterating the main issue.
• Justifying your decisions as well as your methods is necessary.
• This also means that you need to justify that certain approach which you have chosen not to pursue.

For instance, suppose, you choose writing an economic paper with a topic of global financial crisis focusing on how the world economy views the American economy. You will have to clarify why you did not think about any other economy, together with why you have opted for this particular economy.

• For any academic paper, your methodology chapter has to have mechanisms such as variables and constant.

This may sound something like mathematics, but every research project has to apply them. In our above-mentioned example, the constant is American economy; and the variable refers to the opinions of other economies or people. The explanation has to include everything with also the allowances for the discrepancy. Supposedly, if your thesis states that there is an obvious link between global economic crisis and American economic crisis, you need to show allowances for those people not agreeing with this statement with explanation why you believe they differ.