The Most Effective Literature Review Methodology

June 11th, 2009

The importance of literature review methodologies

Literature review is an essential element of the dissertation and other types of academic writing. It is not a bibliography where you can describe briefly each article that you have filed away. The aim of literature review is to focus on a particular topic and make a critical analysis of the connection between different works that belong to your field of study. There are a lot of different ways of writing literature review. For example, you can write it as a separate paper. Also it is in order to provide a theoretical framework and rationale for research work.
Methodology is an essential part of every literature review. Well-written literature review methodology requires good writing skills because this section always withstands the most thorough examination. That is why pay your attention to the fact that methods of how you will carry out your review should be of high quality.

Literature review methodology writing tips

With help of this important point of the work you have a possibility to establish a credibility of your entire project. This chapter includes information on how you collected the data for your research.

  • First and foremost you need to describe methods you used
  • State the materials that were used in the research process.
  • Depict the procedure of collecting data
  • Display how the literature review informed your methodology
  • Choose appropriate format and stick to it.
  • Write the literature review methodology in clear, logical manner
  • Estimate the limitations and restrictions of every method used in the methodology

Essential points of literature review methodology

When writing literature review methodology you will have to use special tools and strategies for data gathering and analysis.

  • Take into consideration that an ideal methodology is simple. You would hit the spot of writing outstanding literature review methodology in case if the audience can easily cope with it.
  • You have to use only reliable and solid sources for data gathering. Thus you would be able to add in-depth to your dissertation.
  • Choose appropriate methods for gathering and analyzing data. There are a lot of available methods such as:
    • Interviews
    • Questionnaire development
    • Data mining for data gathering
    • Statistical analysis
    • Convent analysis
    • Semiotic analysis for analyzing data
  • Specific precious questions should be accomplished for the review.
  • Literature review methodology should give clear explanation of the selection criteria related to the coverage of subject, publication of material, etc.
  • You should extract data that can give appropriate answers to the questions of the review.
  • Also it is necessary to include strength and weakness of pieces of evidence that are mentioned in the review.
  • This section is exclusively devoted to the thoughts of other people, that’s why this section should not include your points of view concerning the topic of your project.

Literature review methodology writing assistance

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