Gigantic Question—How To Write Methodology ?

June 21st, 2009

One among the most crucial and commonest difficulties, the dissertation methodology gets students easily nervous and defeated. No doubt, this is the biggest section of the entire papers, and more than other chapters it asks for the real actions and involvement of the students. How to write methodology is a scientific art to be practiced and enhanced. has always come up with the attainment of the students’ satisfaction.

• In fact, your have to think about your methodology right since the time of your dissertation ideas. Having sole good ideas with no scope of effective methodology is meaningless. Remember that you will be able to write a good chapter on it only if you possess one such. Thus, lots of thinking at the initial stage will lead you to the potential writing. No boasting and no misleading notion are the prerequisites.

• Three phases are vital for the methodology. First is choosing your methods, plans, instruments, systems, etc. For this you will need thorough research, extensive reading, deep thinking, and good understanding of the topic of your dissertation. With good knowledge of what you need to do and which way you will do it the best, you must be completely confusion free in context to how to write methodology.

• Actually, the writing episode starts from the very first phase. You should keep on noting down all important and considerable points. Your literature review, which you would have undergone by this time, would substantially help you choose appropriate methodology through pointing you the right directions to be followed. This first phase, in fact, begins at the time when you write your dissertation proposal; the former will enormously help the latter.

• The second phase is the actual implementation of your chosen methodology, which will provide a real substance to be taken into consideration while writing this chapter. The process of noting down important points will continue unabatedly alongside this phase. Here, you have to deal with actions, experiments, analysis, and many more—either physical participation and/or mindful involvement, depending upon the requirements.

• The third phase is the presentation through writing and composition. Here, for how to write methodology, it will require you to explore your writing skills and explanation power. Obviously, by this time, you will have much quantity of materials which you have to fit into a good chapter. Mainly, a justification of your preferred methodology including participants, instruments, procedures, plus data gathering and/or data analysis; good narration of what you did; and impressive display of what you achieved will dominate this chapter. Both, plus points and minus points, or positive aspects and negative aspects should be discussed at length with no hiding.

• The interesting point is that unlike the literature review, this is exclusively your chapter and you can write with full liberty; open your heart. never disappoints the students by rejecting their orders. One thing is clearly evident that you will look forward to getting dissertation help from many people and places in regard to how to write methodology. Why not striving with the dissertation writers ?