Developing Good Methodology Chapter Writing

November 22nd, 2011

How to Develop An Outstanding Methodology Chapter

The methodology chapter is the real phenomenon of any dissertation and all other chapters play the supporting roles. This reminds us of the movie which revolves around the hero or main protagonist; but there are also few supporting actors whose roles too are as much important. Your methodology is an action pact medium through which you have to reach your targeted goals and prove your points or seek answers to your research questions. The methodology chapter writing focuses on mainly three aspects—the chosen methods, the procedure for implementation, and the post-procedure activities for data collection, analysis, and factual results. Depending on your requirement this chapter may be easy or difficult, but overall a tough part of your project. For getting any sort of dissertation help, the internet dissertation writing services such as are the easiest apparatus being operated by just clicks.

• You can start with a general introduction to your approach and advance further to a detailed description of your procedure in terms of what you did.

• As this is a chapter regarding the actions rather than thoughts, you will have to decide and follow the tense of language. Most preferably, this chapter is written in the “simple past tense” which is the more suitable to the question—what you did ? Obviously, the procedure becomes a matter of past by the time of the methodology chapter writing. However, present perfect tense is also suitable. Sometimes, the discipline insists for the simple present tense which you will have to abide by. Thus, you need to check into the specifications; contact your supervisor for better confirmation. Unless otherwise indicated, the simple past tense is the perfect choice.

• However, there are the exceptions—such as the existing facts are always written in the simple present tense.

• Another feature of language is the voice—either active or passive. For this chapter the passive voice is the best match; because here the actions are more important than the doers. The passive voice focuses more on the objects and activities, and less on the persons. Again, here, too, your discipline may insist for the active voice, and you have to confirm that.

• As long as the contents are concerned, the discussion must include all or few of the following matters on as needed basis :

The overview of the study at starting of methodology chapter writing
Method used for collecting data
Investigated people and places
Equipment utilized
Materials involved
Stimulation usages
Applicable statistical analysis
Software packages used
Investigation timeframe
Sample population experimented
System of sampling
Development of questionnaire/interview/survey
And reference and appendices.

• The chapter must develop good discussion about the exact processes used for achieving the targeted aim. It should exhibit a well-managed methodical approach toward the investigation. The reader should feel comfortable and be confident about your study. Lastly, it should also provide a good ground to the future researcher for needful replication of your methods or study.

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