The Remarkable Literature Review Writing

July 12th, 2009

As you know, literature review is one of the few most vital elements of the dissertation. For good literature review writing, you have to possess the librarian’s mind, either inherently or extrinsically, so that you can refer to more and more books. This review is essential from two points of view. At one point, it presents the foundation for the students’ proposed study, and at other, it widens the students’ knowledge. The processes of searching and writing are not the easy undertakings and you may require definite assistance for the whole episode. is one enterprise which can give you a guarantee of satisfying you by providing the exact literature review help which you need without any plagiarized substance. We have the most effective policy for the plagiarism. We also provide any other dissertation help.

• Few points are very important for this writing.

Less availability or overabundance of literature
Two contrasting situations may make your review a troubling one. In one situation you fail to find sufficient materials for literature review writing due to the less availability of sources. The situation may not improve even after trying the alternative terms and concepts. Then, you need to apply the larger concept of your topic. On the other hand, the vast availability of sources may also create difficulties, making you confused. In a situation like this, the “selectivity” will play a vital role—with only preference for the pertinent sources and the first preference for the most pertinent one.

Scholarly conversation
A scholarly conversation in context to your new study is also an important aspect of the review writing. This means that your study has to converse with the scholastic works or thoughts—already existed. As you cannot join directly into a conversation when two people are talking without necessary involvement through prior listening, you cannot join the scholarly conversation without literature review making.

Proper organization
When lots of sources are to be fit in your literature review writing, you need to apply proper organization. Instead of reviewing each source individually, you can arrange them in different groups and then review each group individually. You should adopt a coherent approach with even one-sentence summary of one source.

Avoid book reporting
Finding the most relevant content out of the entire book or source is as important as finding the most relevant source. The literature review is not like the reviews done by the readers reviewing the entire books. You have to deal with only those parts of the sources which relate to your present study.

Standard format
Do adhere to the standard format provided by your institution—especially the word limit. For any format issue, you must contact your supervisor. And, do not forget the reference list.

Come to if you need a better content for your review, or a good dissertation literature review example. Remember that literature review writing is not as easy as you read few papers and then write down what comes to your mind. You have to state the authors’ viewpoints and there is no place for your statement.