Literature Review MA Project

May 12th, 2009

Literature review functions as a supporter of your dissertation project and therefore it is imperative. How foolish it seems when a blower alone continues appealing to the umpire who is not at all impressed during a cricket match ! You have to provide something to support your ideas. The significance gets bigger when it comes to your literature review MA project. You can avail of too many materials for Masters of Arts, unlike other fields, for literature review. You can derive your material from any books, newspaper articles, journal articles, commercial and statistical files, historical manuscripts, government documents, and/or the theses and dissertations of other people. You cannot choose it randomly; instead you have to pay enough attention. will help you substantially.

Considerable checkpoints for the source

• Author’s credential—whether being an expert having affiliation with a known institution or not.
• Date of publication—whether currently published, long time ago, or no surety at all.
• The edition—whether new edition or old edition in regard to a book.
• The publisher—whether a popular publisher, new publisher, or unknown publisher.

Considerable checkpoints for the content

• The audience—whether ordinary public or scholarly audience.
• The relevancy—whether relevant material throughout or not.
• Perspective—whether the factual information or individual opinions only.
• Information—whether a research-oriented sound information or not.
• Value—whether a primary, secondary, or meaningless information.
• Superiority—whether it differs substantially from all other similar materials or not; the reason why you have chose this one.
• Theoretical substance—whether or not any prevalence of theoretic inclination such as spirituality.
• Logical substance—whether logically acceptable or not.
• Practicality—whether any practical experiment or not.

Few tips for literature review MA project

Present and define your topic along with the particular reason for choosing this literature. Presenting the emergence of gap of information, any trend, or need of further study would be nice to mention. Moreover, your dissertation rationale should be apparent from the initiation and support your topic, issue, or question to be addressed.

While discussion you should try to identify and highlight the pertinent points, rather than discussion of the whole material. Try not to use the bold language; for instance, “the fact is that” or “obviously it means.” Rather, try to discuss and evaluate the object with use of “it could be”, “it appears that”, “a suggestion is that”, etc. Choose the appropriate style as mentioned below to discuss your literature.

• Chronological discussion : The time factor will play an important role. The date of publication will be taken into consideration while discussing your literature review MA project.

• Thematic discussion : The literature will be evaluated with a thematic approach. The topic will be discussed according to the requirement, regardless of date of publication or other issues.

• Methodological discussion : The focus will be on the methods used by the researcher. Regardless of the time factor and the theme, you will discuss how effective the methods have been.

Proving the credibility of your topic, evaluating the present state, highlighting the gaps in research, revealing the flaws and contradictions, and manifesting the scope of further study, you should summarize the contribution of present literature.

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