Develop Skills For How To Write Literature Review

April 26th, 2009

Often, students lack an understanding of how to write literature review. A literature review is a concise showcase with discussion and survey about something already studied, proved, and argued in connection to your given area of study. It means something more than a summary or an annotated bibliography. It requires good presentation and organization of available sources—along with a strong establishment of relationship between the reviewed object and your project. The purpose is to express the credibility of your research; and therefore, you will have to highlight particular points concerning your study field. You can also refer to many other similar articles of

With this, you will concentrate on what has already been studied, as well as, the gaps and weakness requiring further needful study. Discussing about the gap in information for which you have researched or are going to research is necessary; because only then the reader will be convinced about the opening in terms of validity. This thing is even more important when you are writing the literature review for a research proposal—showing the significance and worthiness of what you propose. Please bear in your mind that there is a difference between the contents of the literature reviews of the proposal and the project. Apparently, the review for proposal will be a kind of brief note compared to the actual review of your project with full details.

There are generally two types of literature review, knowing which can help you more when questions regarding how to write literature review puzzle you.

Chronically written literature review
This type of review will arrange the sources in order of time duration, starting from the oldest to the newest edition of research and changes as a result of time spent. For various published version of sources, the publication date will be taken into consideration. Here, the element of time is very important; and therefore this review is used when one needs to highlight the paper in conjunction to the time—such as complications of immunodeficiency virus.

Thematically written literature review
For this review, the subject matter of the sources will be focused significantly rather than the time. Obviously, the most important source will come first and be given more room. For instance, a study on financial management.

For how to write literature review below are the few questions that you should consider to help yourself.

• What about the availability of main discoveries, arguments, key points, and theories connecting the different significant works ?

• What about the gaps in the research, areas needing more research, need for further research, and the new systems for exploring the topic ?

• What about whether or not having advanced methods of researching ?

• What about the future approaches and scope of research for the topic ?

• What about specific area of topic that has been focused in regard to the previous research, any further progress since then, and the methodologies used ?

• What about development of your topic and contribution to the field through your research ?

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