Illustrative Example of Literature Review

April 3rd, 2009

Reviewing a good example of literature review is always beneficial and no student can deny this fact. One more fact is that this section belonging to the research proposal and dissertation creates confusion for lots of students, even the scholars. This happens because the name itself plays tricks on their minds, failing to understand its real and broader meaning. Then, what does the literature review mean?

  • Differing from what many students assume it to be, it does not always mean a review of a book or an epic. What they understand is true but only in a case if your paper is all about any literary works such as Othello or Rape of the lock. The typical word “literature” means anything written on any subject—which is your preferred topic of paper.
  • For example, if your research proposal declares obesity as to be a central idea, your review will focus on this topic. There is the vast availability of information published on this subject with various resources. Obviously, you are supposed to utilize those materials for reference in your dissertation. Your literature review will review these materials, also called literature, with importance given to its relevance to your topic and your argument.
  • The term “example” means anything that makes the process of learning and understanding easy. Here, a good quality example of literature review is your best guide to write one on your own.
  • In addition to the difficulties as discussed above, the literature review is not an easy part of the entire process of dissertation writing. Therefore, referring more than one example is always welcomed; rather reviewing as many examples as you can is a recommendation because they will never harm your process.
  • For the better understanding in this regard, you should give preference to going through a whole research proposal example. This will specifically help you understand how the review makes sense to the entire paper with observation of how it connects to the rest of the content.
  • Optionally, you are always advised to concentrate particularly on the literature review example alone. Rather, keeping a well-prepared review example all through the process of dissertation writing is a good habit; you will be able to instantly glance whenever necessary.
  • What are the characteristics of an example of literature review is another question. Briefly, it has to incorporate an overview of the research proposal topic—with discussion about the pertinent issue and underlying questions of the thesis. The next is a work division with categories such as experimental, structural, philosophical, etc. Finally, the review will conclude with explanation of how the research is backed by the literature.
  • If you experience any difficulties in finding good example of literature review, your professors are the people who can bring you that; you should never be afraid of approaching them. Internet, obviously, is immensely helpful, but you need to be cautious about credibility of the source. Additionally, there is always one friend of the students which is your university library with great resources.