Dissertation Literature Review Example Proceedings

May 14th, 2009

There is no doubt that an example or sample makes things better comprehended. It serves the same purpose of understanding but with special effects, unmatched by any written or spoken explanation. A dissertation literature review example can get you better understood compared to the written guidelines or oral instructions about the dissertation literature review. The literature review is similar to a reference of reputable persons that we produce with a job letter. The literature review is a reputed reference for your topic. You provide, with review, the reference which has been published by the scholars or researchers. An ordinary or poor example will not be able to help you, and therefore, you have to use a good example. For more understanding about literature review, you are advised to read other articles with the same subject available at DissertationService.co.uk.

(A) What to be evident from a good dissertation literature review example

Two aspects

• Informative : The ability to identify the usefulness with digging through the concerned literature.
• Critical : The ability to pick unbiased, non-partial, and valued content with strengths and limitations.

Apparent features

• Organized review that revolves around and links directly to the dissertation statement or research question.
• The known and unknown matters with a summary of synthesized results.
• Discussion about controversial issues present in the literature.
• The gap of information or study that necessitates a further study.

You can see that the literature review is not a mere presentation of summary of one or more literatures. Intellectually, it is an evaluating process with identifications of trends, relevant theories, gaps of knowledge, etc.—in accordance with your research project.

(B) What to learn from a good dissertation literature review example

• The enormous help from the review in defining your core issue.
• Different types of literatures such as books, journals, media reports, government documents, etc.—along with the different fields of studies such as physics, economics, history, etc.
• The wide range of research to ensure the obtaining of all possible relevant sources. The exclusion of irrelevant materials, and the appropriate number of sources to meet the required length.
• Critical analysis of the literature with discussion on strengths and weaknesses.
• The relevance, significance, and fitting nature of literature review.

(C) What to be a perfect literature in dissertation literature review example

• An assured formation of the issue with definition and clearly established significance.
• The identification of author’s theoretical inclination such as feminism.
• The validity of conclusions drawn from the data and analysis.
• Good reasoning away from self-imposed ideas or rhetorical language.
• Good structured argument.
• The solid relationship between the material and your topic.

Above all, you can easily see how skillfully the literature review proves the “credibility” of the project. The purpose behind reviewing the literature is to present a supporting media which advocates in favor of your study.

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