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The Application of Free Dissertation Examples

A dissertation project is definitely a complicated and time-consuming assignment. Whether is it aimed at obtaining a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree, one has to take the task seriously. Such kind of a project always requires stamina, knowledge, and good research skills from a writer. However, not everyone is naturally gifted in completing lengthy researches. In order to find a starting point and get better understanding of major requirements, a student should make use of free dissertations available online. These samples should be studied and analysed thoughtfully. To get a decent free dissertation, download one from many writing companies offering their sample papers for clients to assess the quality. In brief, the contents of various dissertation projects can be described as following.


Undergraduate Dissertation Example

Title: The Principle Tenets and Applications of Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Method Approaches

An undergraduate dissertation example dealing with such a topic talks about three main approaches to any research. Quantitative method takes into account only quantitative data, i.e. volumes and amounts. Qualitative research deals with qualitative information and investigates a subject in all its integrity and unpredictability. Mixed approach unites these two and exists in numerous forms and varieties.

Quantitative method is based on dividing all information on constants and variables. A variable is something that can change, while a constant is something permanent which cannot vary.

Qualitative approach appears in five forms which are phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory, case study research, and historical research. The significant feature of this approach is that it almost doesn't have restrictions.

Mixed research approach combines two abovementioned types. It comes in two forms. Mixed method research implies that a researcher can apply quantitative technique in one phase of research and qualitative approach in the other phase. On the other hand, mixed model research gives an opportunity for a researcher to employ both these techniques for one stage of research.


Master Thesis Example

Title: The importance of quality products and quality service in contemporary businesses

If one pursues a degree in Business Administration, at the end of their studies they will be assigned a task of writing a thesis.  A master thesis example in this field can deal with quality products and services. This paper will discuss the issues of standardisation, quality assurance, and the influence of products’ quality on purchasing them.

Generally, it is obvious that the higher the quality of a product or service is, the higher the demand for it will be. However, all businesses are oriented at making maximum profits. Maintaining a balance between utmost quality and maximum profit will be a reasonable solution, but not an easy aim to achieve.

A good thesis example on this topic will also necessarily discuss matters related to competition between businesses and its impact on a final product or service.


Undergraduate Dissertation Sample

Title: Case Study on Shortages of Nurses in St George's Healthcare Trust in Tooting. Objective: St George's Data

This undergraduate dissertation sample concerns with lack of personnel in a healthcare institution in London. The research approach taken here is qualitative. The paper thoroughly analyses workload and work distribution between staff of different qualifications. Employing state of the art technology is offered as one of the best solutions to the problem, but other opportunities are considered as well.


Undergraduate Thesis Example

Title: Stock Market Efficiency: How does It Reflect on the Securities Trading

This paper discusses the way to honestly reflect the relevant company information in the prices of securities.  The piece  is centered around the idea of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. It means that, if all available information is given to the public, then prices  will reflect  the real-life situation. Therefore, stock market will function on the grounds of equal rights. This undergraduate thesis example also uncovers certain theories stating the unfitness of this concept to real-life circumstances. Stock market anomalies, as well as regularities, are deeply analysed in this paper.


Bachelor Research Proposal Example

Title: The impact of human resources strategies on the organisational performance

Many aspects influence the performance of a certain organisation. Recently, several techniques, aimed at improving it, have appeared. This research proposal sample outlines the basic reasons why human resources strategies should be implemented in this regard. Although human resources are a fairly controllable variable in terms of organisational structure, there are still many obstacles in the way of applying these strategies. This sample describes the necessity of studying this question deeper to be able to provide better human resources management within every firm.