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Supervisors often require your work to be edited or revised, according to specific requirements, after a first draft has been submitted. To do this task well, you need to be familiar with the content and the style of academic papers. At Dissertation-Service.co.uk, we have an expert editing service for people that have already written their assignments themselves, but need help with the editing, paying attention to supervisor comments. When you send us your writing, we make all the necessary changes, so that your work stands out at the time of evaluation.  Dissertation editing is especially important due to the high impact this paper has on the student’s academic life. Our writers and editors are professionals with years of experience and they are able to spot errors and structural weaknesses that may go unnoticed by an amateur. This comprehensive scrutiny of your writing may be the difference between a higher and a lower grade for you. This service is especially aimed at students who may think their written language skills require professional assistance before evaluation. We specialise in dissertation writing; therefore, you can be sure that, whether we deal with an Accounting dissertation or Art dissertation, the high level of editing quality will be provided.

Not only do we provide this service for students who have written their own assignments, but also for every other paper that we create. We employ our editors to go through the assignments that we have custom-written for our clients, so that there are zero errors in the final version of your assignment that we prepare. This includes proofreading and editing, as well as anti-plagiarism checks, so that there is no doubt that the paper we send you is original, error-free and of the guaranteed 2:1 quality.

Our editing staff has had prior experience in newspapers and/or magazines and consists only of native English speakers. They will examine your work very closely, to look for grammatical or structural defects and judge the flow of your writing. Then they put their editing experience to work, and we deliver you an assignment that is:

  1. Academically written.
  2. Referenced correctly, according to the dissertation format required by your university.
  3. Well structured.
  4. Free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
  5. Catchy and easy to read.
  6. Precisely meets your instructions.

We understand the importance of timely delivery in academic writing. When you submit an article to us for editing, we ensure that we do our job and send you back the revised article before your deadline passes. This is to ensure that you have enough time to go through the revised paper and, if required, ask for another round of editing. This, along with all editing and revisions are done without any extra cost. The customer care teams at Dissertation-Service.co.uk are available round the clock to keep you abreast with the tracking of your work, while we are editing it, so that you can put in your suggestion or have any query answered during the process.

To sum up, our editors are highly professional and experienced and can ensure that, when you send us a document for editing, it is sent back to you, with the right mix of content and formatting.

Get in touch with our editing team at Dissertation-Service.co.uk to get an outstanding paper today.