Undergraduate Dissertations

November 2nd, 2010

Have to write undergraduate dissertations

I must admit, writing undergraduate dissertations is much easier than writing a graduate dissertation. By definition, it takes less effort and it holds within itself less expectations. But what do undergraduate dissertations look like and how are they different from graduate dissertations?

First, lets explore what  we should incorporate into both dissertations types. We will want to know what to do when writing a research proposal. So in essence, we need to know how to write a proposal. Which means, we need a proposal. Without a proposal, our advisor can’t approve our work and we can’t proceed with our assignment.

We will also need to know how to write a methodology which means, basically, that we need to have some kind of methodology in our writing. What steps are we going to take? What makes this research different from the others?

For those people who would like to write an accounting dissertation, it is important to note that you will also need to have a proposal that needs to be viewed by your advisor. You will also need to have some kind of methodology which will help guide you throughout your writing process.
Undergraduate dissertations can be fun to write because they require less work than graduate dissertations. You will also get more assistance as you write because your advisor will know that you are less experienced with this kind of writing than maybe someone who is a graduate student.

Maybe you feel lost and are not sure about what topics to look at when writing your undergraduate dissertations. Maybe you are just lazy and don’t want to do the work. Maybe you are loaded with cash and would rather pay someone to do the work for you. Whatever the case may be, it is easy to get persuaded and also dissuaded with the work you have in front of you.

Keep yourself focused and keep in mind that writing undergraduate dissertations are way easier than writing a masters dissertation.
There are numerous sites out there that are willing to help you write your undergraduate dissertations. Some offer more than others, so choose wisely. Bottom line, don’t be distracted by the amount being asked for, attract yourself to the quality of work that could be produced for you.

Remember that like any other dissertation, there are steps that one should follow in order to produce a valid piece of writing.


writing a research proposal, how to write a methodology, accounting dissertation1st- you need a good introduction: Your introduction is basically your proposal that will need approval.

2nd-you need a literature review: this usually comes before the first chapter and is basically a list of prior research that you did for this topic.

3rd-you need a methodology: this explains the methods and tools you will use in your dissertation.

4th-you need to have a section for findings/discussions: at this point you will just talk about your topic and what you found interesting, what you learned.

5th-you need a conclusion and recommendation page: this will just conclude your research and explain your findings in the form of a brief summary.

6th-you will finally need a bibliography: this is where you list all your sources and give credit to where it is deserved. Make sure to check with the appropriate people to see exactly how the bibliography should be put together. Every school has a slightly different requirement.

Remember, don’t hesitate to call us as we can help you with your undergraduate dissertations at any time. Your stages can get a little overwhelming so it is important that you take time to breath deeply and reflect on your assignment. Remember, you will not be required to put forth so much effort because this is just an undergraduate dissertation. But it is all just to prepare you for the big picture.

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