General Reading And Choosing Topic Of Dissertation

December 24th, 2009

One everlasting fact is that if there is a dissertation, there has to be a dissertation topic, and if there is the dissertation topic, students have to choose it, inevitably. And, choosing topic of dissertation is a kind of decision making because you have to think from many angles. always believes in encouraging the students to first do their best to arrive at the best topic suitable to them. We have framed number of dissertation topics with proper size and direction since our launching a decade ago. But, you should not request for publishing free dissertation topics because doing so is against our business policies. Besides the topic help, we are capable of meeting any requirements, no matter what it relates to, i.e., any assignment, coursework, thesis, etc.

• As you know, reading is one of the most fundamental necessities for the accomplishment of any dissertations. After the topic selection, it is the particular reading about the sources of your topic that helps you the most. But before that selection, it is your general reading—just about anything—that can help you collect the topics. For acquiring good topic of dissertation, it is necessary that you have a good collection.

• The best example of a source of general reading is the newspaper that we all read, at least for the headlines. If you consciously notice, you can see many ideas pass across your mind while reading it. And, most interestingly, they will come to you topic wise. Below is an illustration of your one-day newspaper reading.

• First, when you read regarding government’s decision of not to encourage new banking system in country, it gives you many dissertation ideas on banks and baking system. Next, if you read about growth of the BPO sector in the country or state, your mind draws your attention to the IT field with some most relevant topic ideas. Then, suppose, you read news about a teenager firing at few classmates from his gun; you anxiously think about the adolescent psychology. Following this, one more topic of dissertation comes to your mind as why medical science is ineffective in curing heart diseases. You feel bad after reading that a number of young people with heart diseases have increased in the country with increased death rates too. At last, news about the climate change affecting the entire globe switch your attention to global warming.

• The same theory is also true for readings of the general-purpose magazines before arriving at a certain choice of the topic. You should always keep a paper and pen ready whenever you read them. There is no doubt that the general readings make us the most thought provoking.

• Furthermore, the reading is better than listening and watching, because reading is less passive in comparison. Reading involves a good mental exercise and keeps our mind working.

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