Social Work Dissertation Topics With Noble Objectives

January 31st, 2010

The education field of social work or social welfare may not draw the crowds for getting admissions, but the nobility associated with its objectives is stupendous. If you are a student pursing a degree like MSW, your social work dissertation topics require good chemistry between social welfare and your intentions. This endeavor can be the easiest possible with helps from which is a master in this field of academic help to the students in need. We are a union of likeminded people who sensed and detected the overwhelming but unaddressed want of helps lying in minds of the students. Nonetheless, new members continued to join us and we have a much larger group now. We endeavored hard for formulating our web source, and so we do for the success of your dissertations. For quality assurance, have a look at our dissertation samples.

  • You must seek that topic which is supported by significant social/behavioral science, and good strategies, literatures, and research methods, in accordance with your area of specialization. A conjecture of concerns of particular population, and the social issue, problem, or need of investigation should exist in your social work dissertation topics. And, the pertinence to the social welfare is inevitable. The areas leading you to good topics include the following.
    • Child Participation in the labor force
    • Maltreatment against children
    • Inequality and social justice
    • Poverty
    • Substance abuse
    • People with disability
    • Racism
    • Right to food
    • Right to health
    • Health (mental and physical) disparities
    • Health of immigrant
    • Interpersonal violence
    • Violence against women
    • HIV-positive people
    • Problems of youth
  • The strategies that can bring about improvement in the social welfare include clinical treatment, education, administration, policy, case management, advocacy, organization, coalition, community, communication, prevention, and conscientization. You have to have clear understanding about your strategies (both theoretical and empirical) and what you intend to do.
  • The sample dissertation topic could be like—need of system that fills a gap by transforming wealthy people’s unnecessary wealth into poor people’s necessities. There is no doubt that poverty is one of the biggest all-time issues of the world. Similarly, the social work dissertation topics on spreading awareness about AIDS, to be a great challenge, are a vital and relevant one. As we know, good social treatment to its patients is as important as their medical treatment and its preventive measures. Another sample for topic is—the use of child as a labor is inhuman. In many countries, this social menace exists and the children have to work with excuses of one or the other kind. Your topic based on violence against the women will also be a significant and relevant topic.
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