Quantity Surveying Dissertation

April 21st, 2010

Quantity Surveying Dissertation
A Summarised Guide to Quantity Surveying Dissertations

So you have obtained your undergraduate degree in Quantity Surveying and you are ready to embark on the next step. As daunting as it may seem, completing your Quantity Surveying Dissertation is not that far from your reach if you follow a logical, structured approach.

Once you have decided on your Dissertation Topic, your next point of call would be to develop a clear project plan, incorporating all the standard elements as well as the more specific requirements of your particular College, University or other Institution of Learning. The following are pointers for the successful completion of your Quantity Surveying Dissertation:

• Decision-making

Many students get bogged down by deciding on a research topic for their dissertations. Ask yourself the following questions:

o What has interested me most during my undergraduate degree?
o Which course have I particularly excelled in?
o Which aspect of the Quantity Surveying field has intrigued me most?

Once you have answered these questions and done the appropriate level of research, the decision-making process should become much simpler.

• Consultation

Your tutors, lecturers and advisors are available to assist you in structuring a well-researched question for your dissertation. Research previous Quantity Surveying Dissertations and pay particular attention to the critiques, comments and compliments. Use the resources available to you before you finalise your Dissertation Topic.

• Pre-Dissertation Research

Take care to plot exactly what information you require and what your objectives are before you embark on your research.

Whether your questions relate to Construction; Building Regulations; Topography or any other technical component of your field, guide yourself in the following manner:
o What questions do I need answered?
o What other relevant information will I need?
o What sources are most reliable?
o Which topics am I exploring?

Limit your research to your specific objectives only or you might find yourself spending an alarming amount of time on research before you have even begun the actual research for your dissertation.

• Time Allocation

Quantity Surveying is a particularly technical field of study and, as such, your time allocation for the Data Analysis and Interpretation component of your dissertation will be critical. Develop a project plan, listing each component of your Dissertation and allocate realistic time periods to each of them.

Be sure to incorporate sufficient time for Murphy’s Law and any potential obstacles you might encounter.

• Planning, planning and more planning

This is the stage which requires careful deliberation and structured thought. You should now have a visual image of the outline for your dissertation as well as a formal overview of the structure of other Quantity Surveying Dissertations which you have researched. The last step before the actual implementation process kicks off is to transfer this visual image onto paper in the form of a well structured outline with a logical flow.

There are many resources available to assist you in the final write-up of your dissertation. The team at Dissertation-Service.co.uk are specialists in this field and have brought students in many disciplines – including Quantity Surveying Honours students – to success in their dissertations.

23 responses to “Quantity Surveying Dissertation”

  1. yemisi says:

    I need interesting topics for my project dissatation project. Can you help me with some

  2. Melanie says:

    Dear Yemisi,

    Sure, please let us know which course you are taking and at which academic level you are and we will try to come up with a couple of relevant topics for you.

    Sincerely, Site Admin

  3. Quantity surving degree level says:

    Help me am looking for a research topic in quantity surveying am on attachment and we are have a research proposal which we will expand to be a dissertation on my 4th year.

  4. Melanie says:

    Dear Student,

    You may write your proposal about quantity surveyor’s function in building industry, or skills needed to become a successful quantity surveyor. You may also order a proposal written by professionals and they will offer you a list of composed to be successful subjects.

    Sincerely, Site Admin

  5. qs dissertation says:

    i need to find a unique topic for my quantity surveying dissertation? Wondering if you could help me with a few suggestions?

  6. Melanie says:

    Dear Qs,

    Please enlighten us a little but more in regards to the course you are writing your dissertation in and the academic level you are at. You can also place an order for dissertation with us without having your topic – our qualified writer will suggest you a list of topics himself!

    Sincerely, Site Admin

  7. Mark says:

    Hi. I’m now in my 3rd year studying quantity surveying & commercial management and am looking for a dissertation title/subject. I did alot on cost management, risk, measurement last year. Any suggestions!? Thanks.

  8. i need topics for my master dissertation? I needs someone who is professional and give me some ideas where topics that easliy to find data.

  9. Fred M. says:

    I would be glad if you could suggest to me research topics for a PhD thesis in Quantity Surveying

  10. Angelina says:

    Dear Fred,
    We would need to know in which specific sector you would like us to focus while providing you with the topics? Are there specific aims and objectives of your research?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Site Admin

  11. Angelina says:

    Hello Master Student,
    We would like to know in which area you are currently specialising in so that we can generate a few topics for you.
    Thank you

  12. wj says:

    hi , I am going to write something about chinese and irish qs ‘s differences on the role taking in the construction industry and the future development. what kind of topic would you suggest me to choose? thanks.

  13. Melanie says:

    Dear WJ,

    To our mind, “International differences on role taking in the construction industry” is not a bad topic itself, but if you would like more customized approach, or would like our writer to see the sources you have and work out the best suitable topic for you, please place an order and we’ll gladly do that.

    Sincerely, Site Admin

  14. lemmor says:

    Hi, im going to write a methodology of quantity surveying. please hel me how to do this methodology…

  15. shetty says:

    Dear Sir,
    please let me know a relavent topic for my research methodlogy in quatity surveying. iam 4th year student

  16. nurul says:

    hi there,

    I’m currently applying for PhD in Quantity Surveying,therefore need to prepare a research proposal.Can u please give me an idea of what topic is appropriate? Thanks to you in advance.

  17. Angelina says:

    Hello Nurul,
    I can propose you with the talented professionals who can help you out with this matter. We can provide you with a free draft and free references.
    Please let us know if you would be interested in it.

  18. Dan says:

    I am struggling with a title for my QS & Commercial Management MSc dissertation. The course is slightly building biased but I work in civil. My favorite aspect of the course so far is law and I hope to get into adjudication as a future career, However I have received the best marks for project management, namely discussing the role of the project manager. Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

  19. brendan says:

    Hi there
    I’m currently studying Quantity Surveying level 7 3rd year and have a interest in construction and wonder can you give me possible ideas for my Dissertation on which i could get a nice bit of information on as i am finding it hard to come up with a titled.
    Thanks for the help.

  20. Angelina says:

    Dear Dan,
    I would like to ask you if you have decided about the title yet. It is quite important as there are times that certain software might be necessary to be applied in order to have the standard of a Quantity Surveying paper. Would you like to ask us any question in regards to this matter, you can always contact us on our on-line support chat.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  21. Angelina says:

    Dear Brendan,
    I would like to inform you that our professional writers can be engaged to such kind of assignments, however, we expect the instructions to be clearly written and given on time so that we can have all the necessary materials in hand and start immediately with the work.

  22. olanipekun ayokunle says:

    hi…i am struggling finding a topic for my M.Tech programme in QS in Nigeria. pls help me wit one. i hav been thinking about building cost information service among Nigerian QS

  23. QS Undergraduate Student says:


    I am struggling to decide on a disseratation project I can carry out in my final year. I have found costing and tendering topics interesting. Is it possible you could suggest some topics?


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