Quantity Surveying Dissertation

April 21st, 2010

Quantity Surveying Dissertation
A Summarised Guide to Quantity Surveying Dissertations

So you have obtained your undergraduate degree in Quantity Surveying and you are ready to embark on the next step. As daunting as it may seem, completing your Quantity Surveying Dissertation is not that far from your reach if you follow a logical, structured approach.

Once you have decided on your Dissertation Topic, your next point of call would be to develop a clear project plan, incorporating all the standard elements as well as the more specific requirements of your particular College, University or other Institution of Learning. The following are pointers for the successful completion of your Quantity Surveying Dissertation:

• Decision-making

Many students get bogged down by deciding on a research topic for their dissertations. Ask yourself the following questions:

o What has interested me most during my undergraduate degree?
o Which course have I particularly excelled in?
o Which aspect of the Quantity Surveying field has intrigued me most?

Once you have answered these questions and done the appropriate level of research, the decision-making process should become much simpler.

• Consultation

Your tutors, lecturers and advisors are available to assist you in structuring a well-researched question for your dissertation. Research previous Quantity Surveying Dissertations and pay particular attention to the critiques, comments and compliments. Use the resources available to you before you finalise your Dissertation Topic.

• Pre-Dissertation Research

Take care to plot exactly what information you require and what your objectives are before you embark on your research.

Whether your questions relate to Construction; Building Regulations; Topography or any other technical component of your field, guide yourself in the following manner:
o What questions do I need answered?
o What other relevant information will I need?
o What sources are most reliable?
o Which topics am I exploring?

Limit your research to your specific objectives only or you might find yourself spending an alarming amount of time on research before you have even begun the actual research for your dissertation.

• Time Allocation

Quantity Surveying is a particularly technical field of study and, as such, your time allocation for the Data Analysis and Interpretation component of your dissertation will be critical. Develop a project plan, listing each component of your Dissertation and allocate realistic time periods to each of them.

Be sure to incorporate sufficient time for Murphy’s Law and any potential obstacles you might encounter.

• Planning, planning and more planning

This is the stage which requires careful deliberation and structured thought. You should now have a visual image of the outline for your dissertation as well as a formal overview of the structure of other Quantity Surveying Dissertations which you have researched. The last step before the actual implementation process kicks off is to transfer this visual image onto paper in the form of a well structured outline with a logical flow.

There are many resources available to assist you in the final write-up of your dissertation. The team at Dissertation-Service.co.uk are specialists in this field and have brought students in many disciplines – including Quantity Surveying Honours students – to success in their dissertations.