Qualitative Research Dissertation

July 3rd, 2012

Three Basic Parts of Quantitative Dissertations

A quantitative dissertation is the most popular form of research paper among PhD students. When we say quantitative, we are talking about exact numbers and formats that we can see and measure. It means there is a particular structure of writing and researching that is evident. On the other hand, a qualitative dissertation may simply be a research paper that involves presenting the “physical” attributes of a research paper. This is in direct contrast to quantitative which are measurable by a certain scope of data and numbers. Therefore, what are the parts of dissertations paper?

Introduction. This is the first chapter in the PhD dissertation. This is where you will provide the background of the study and explain why the topic is an important matter to talk about. You should write the statement of the problem that can also become the thesis statement. In an introductory chapter mention and discuss the theoretical framework. It is also necessary that you put the hypothesis of the research so that you can have a guide principle where you will base your research procedures. Since most topics have definite scopes, you should also put the scope of the study and the extent of the research. Lastly, do not forget to put the definition of terms for the readers to understand the different parts in your paper.

The next chapter is the Research Methods or the Methodology. This part will explain the research design to acquire answers for the hypothesis. You should consider putting the details about how you will acquire data and what analysis methods are available for such data. The methodology chapter can also provide information about the material that will be used for the research or who the participants are if ever the process of research will involve surveying and interviewing. In any case, you should at least provide assumptions for the study.

Conclusion is the final part of the quantitative dissertations framework. Just like any other research papers, this part will serve as the compendium of all the research discussions in the paper. It is the culmination of everything from the thesis statement to the results of the methodology. When you write the conclusion part, make sure that it contains a summary of the whole document. It should also contain points of discussions that relate to the actual answer to your problem statement. In some cases, you can also put recommendations for future research.

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