Qualitative Dissertation

April 24th, 2010

Qualitative Dissertation
Overcome the Perceived Uncertainty of Qualitative Dissertations

Qualitative Dissertations have been the topic of many academic debates and have also been at the receiving end of abundant scepticism and criticism in the world of academia. As a result of all the uncertainty surrounding the Qualitative Dissertation, many students still seem to veer away from this choice of dissertation and decide to opt for the less formidable Quantitative Dissertation instead. The facts though, are that students who have been bold enough to follow their passion and pursue the route of Qualitative Dissertations have enjoyed a tremendous amount of support and subsequent success.

If you have decided to embark on a Qualitative Dissertation, there is no reason why you should be swayed by the amount of elusiveness and perceived haziness which continues to surround this choice of dissertation. Your passion for exploring your research topic and your drive for uncovering the answers to your research question should inform your ultimate choice in respect of the dissertation methodology. Obstacles and challenges will exist irrespective of quantitative or qualitative data analysis and the key to success is the natural curiosity and ‘staying power’ of the researcher or student.

Our team of professional writers at Dissertation-Service.co.uk have been partnering with students in all fields and disciplines of study for many years. We have worked closely with students starting their dissertations in both Qualitative and Quantitative study and have been able to guide them to success equally. So there really is no need to ‘settle for’ an option which does not completely resonate with you – follow your passion and focus your energies on what you want to achieve and success is bound to follow.

So let’s expel some of the most common myths surrounding the concept of Qualitative Dissertations:

Myth:  Qualitative Dissertation = More Time Investment


The time invested in your dissertation will be dependent on a number of factors. There is no substantiated proof that Qualitative Dissertations take longer to complete than Quantitative Dissertations. This myth has stemmed from the fact that measurable, scientific data analyses are more tangible and supposedly easier to conclude than data analysis which is reliant on the quality factor. The library of information and highly reviewed and evaluated Qualitative Dissertations which exist have completely disproved this theory.

Myth:  Qualitative Dissertation = Inconclusive Results


Your rigorous attention to the trustworthiness of your data and the careful deliberation during the data analysis phase of your dissertation will determine the conclusiveness or inconclusiveness of your results. It is not the quantitative or qualitative aspect of the study which will determine the results.

Myth:  Qualitative Dissertation = Less Academic/Consulting Support


This cannot be further from the truth. We have dealt with numerous students in all studies fathomable and Dissertation-Service.co.uk has never and will never turn a student away due to the complexity of the dissertation. In fact, we welcome the challenge! There are also many renowned academics who specifically specialise in supporting students who have made the decision to embark on a Qualitative Dissertation.

So roll up your sleeves, give yourself a pat on the back and move boldly forward in your Qualitative Dissertation!