Before You Plan To Write Dissertation

June 3rd, 2009

Just like reading a travel agency’s literature before embarking on a long journey, you have to know all instructions before you go ahead with your dissertation journey. This means that you necessarily need to go through the instructions before you plan to write dissertation. Moreover, without planning you may miss the bus in terms of your deadline of submission. As far as the instructions are concerned, you have to make sure about many things, well in advance. First make it certain that you have all documents stating about the specific requirements; you might miss some valuable document. may also help you in this regard.

• You cannot have any confusion regarding the type of dissertation that you are going to attempt. Whether or not you will be getting dissertation help from any consultant or expert should be clear before you start. A clear understanding about whether you can or cannot choose original research as a subject matter is necessary; because you may have to choose something out of a preset list comprising topics being lectured in your classes.

• You have to know the word limit of your assignment before you plan to write dissertation; because you will have to either meet the minimum length or be limited to the maximum point. Mostly, the dissertation word count will be around 10000 words; but the instruction regarding the content to be included and excluded in word count makes a huge difference. There can be particular requirement regarding the title.

• The referencing system will play a significant role and you have to be certain about that; see for any specific requirements set by your institution.

• The page layout specifications along with font size and type will be released by the institution and you have to completely follow them. These may be something general such as double spacing lines or particular like italicized subheading in different font size and type.

• Knowing about the official proceedings including the most important deadline of submission is essential before you plan to write dissertation; all important due dates with time should be remembered all through the dissertation journey. The people to be contacted for specific purposes should be noted down with needful remarks in your diary or e-diary.

• Similarly, the rules and regulations in regard to the student’s assistance may vary from one institution to another; you need to know that of yours. For instance, consent of referring to the dissertations previously written by other students.

• While deciding all these issue, being in touch with your group and discussing with your fellow friends is always advantageous; with this you can determine where you miss. Any small mistakenly misunderstood matter is capable of causing big losses.

Even after reading again and again, if you still have confusion, you should approach your professor or look into a good dissertation sample. The sample can get you understood better. is all about dissertation writing and editing. We have some great samples which can be helpful right since you plan to write dissertation till the time you submit your papers.