When You Plan To Write Dissertation

May 1st, 2009

It is a set of written papers that is mainly interpreted as a dissertation. However, it also includes many non-writing activities such as reading, searching, consulting, studying, data collecting etc. It is always recommended that you plan to write dissertation—but with good quality of planning. Otherwise, it will serve no purpose. Moreover, there is no meaning in following a plan set by someone else because your plan must match with your requirements and individualities. The following is an illustration of a plan which is just for the purpose of explanation and may vary from person to person and from one dissertation to another. DissertationService.co.uk understands the key issues of the students.

• September
A dissertation is a matter 8 to 9 months’ time duration. Suppose that at the beginning of this month, you receive a signal from a concerned authority, then, devote this entire month for looking for all potential dissertation ideas, along with the material for literature review.

• October
Keep the process of literature review going on. But, also finalize your suitable topic, as well as, start designing your research study. Plan to write dissertation is never a difficult thing.

• November
You will complete all about the literature review and the research study design. During the same month, begin the procedure of material preparation and data gathering. This is your right time for visiting library, consulting experts or professors, assessing sources, receiving sample works, and all that.

• December
The earlier activities will continue. Plus, you can also add data analysis with necessary charts and diagrams.

• January
You are most likely to have exams. Take an interval from all your dissertation acts and concentrate only on your exams. It will provide you a kind of relief from the four-month long continuous endeavor. January will also fulfill a psychological need of taking a break before you actually write down your papers.

• February
Resume your data analysis task and gradually embark on writing your dissertation. Plan to write dissertation is that much simple and easy.

• March
Devote this month exclusively to writing your papers including editing, revising, rewriting, proof reading, checking etc.

• April or May
You will have to submit your dissertation papers. If May is your month for submission, you will have one whole month as a bonus for writing, editing, and all that.

Remember that developing the plan is much easier thing than to religiously follow it. Moreover, in today’s busy environment, one could not follow the preset plan strictly. But, in fact, following the plan is not the mission either. Keeping alive the spirit of your endeavor is the real purpose behind such planning. Any plan which is followed forcefully can hardly lead to your destination with all good of your health.

Most importantly, how to plan to write dissertation is never a more precious than the writing process, which should start within your mind right since the topic selection and continue throughout the other activities. For this you should keep drafting every thing that comes to your mind. This will help you immensely when you will be writing in real. Do not forget to receive dissertation help from DissertationService.co.uk, which can be more fruitful than any other form of help.