PhD Dissertation And Undergraduate Dissertation : A Juxtaposition

October 29th, 2009

There are many similarities as well as dissimilarities between the PhD dissertation and the undergraduate dissertation. A comparison between them or their juxtaposition would be an interesting item. We present you this and many more stuffs because we believe in welfare for students—differing from the rigid professionalism with all formalities. prepares you to first make it clear between your real needs (what/how much) and that you are seeking helps for. If you have questions about our system of services, you can follow the link of “FAQ” (frequently asked questions). You will also find links to our free dissertation samples and services such as assignment, thesis, coursework, etc.

• The major similar aspect between these two dissertations is the structure and writing style. The work process, academic procedures, dissertation committee, supervisor, advisor, tutor, etc. are also the same. Starting from the dissertation proposal till the defense everything is similar, except for the length which is short for undergraduate and long for the PhD dissertation. The constant consultations with the advisor are also equally expected for both the dissertations.

• The major dissimilar aspect is the students’ two opposing types of endeavoring. In case of the undergraduate students, they are totally inexperienced or with little familiarity. The beginner’s excitement, lack of confidence, wants of guidance, vulnerability to mistakes, hesitations in contacting people, search awkwardness, early tiredness, and aversion for writing are all the characteristics of them. The PhD students, on the other hand, will not exhibit such traits due to their sufficient experience.

• The originality of work is also something that relates to the PhD paper as a prominent issue, but to the undergraduate paper only as a welcome output. For undergraduate program, the paper is only an evaluation, inspection, or survey by the students on a given dissertation topic. Sometimes, they have to make a choice from a given list of topics. Thus, for the PhD dissertation, liberty of choosing any topic is a special feature; but the students have to pursue a unique or burning problem—not already investigated.

• Equally, the contribution to the field of study is major expectation from the PhD project; whereas, the aim of undergraduate paper is mostly to win favor of the examining committee for scoring good grades.

• The amount of researchable materials, number of referred sources, the importance of credibility, the value of literature review, the significance of empirical study all matters get intensified from undergraduate to PhD program.

• The assessment mode is the same but its severity is much higher in case of the PhD paper. They will assess the undergraduate papers keeping in the mind the students’ insufficient experience. But, the powerful language and scientific approach are always the required things for the PhD project.

• Nobody can expect the same level of result from the undergraduate dissertation as that of the PhD dissertation. Meaningful writing, to-the-point description, and expertise on the topic also get more and more significance from undergraduate to PhD programs. wishes success for all the students from undergraduate to the PhD studies. For any obstacle in your way to success, we are the real bodyguards to safeguard you and your papers.